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How to solve certificate chain error in Sitecore 10.x installation?

August 02, 2023
How to solve certificate chain error in Sitecore 10.x installation?
Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head

Recently we installed Sitecore on our local machine using SIA. But we found the below error in our installation. If You are facing same kind of error, please follow this blog.

For fresh installation, you can follow the this blog.



When we checked our log file, there is shown and image like below,


This is for the local environment installation. We need to find one xconnect-xp0.json in our downloaded and extracted zip 10.3 packages and open it. In my case I have D:\Sitecore\Sitecore 10.3.

In this file you need to find InvokeSqlcmd and as per below image you need to update CreateShardApplicationDatabaseServerLoginInvokeSqlCmd json section and add "TrustServerCertificate": true these changes you need to 4 places in as show in the below image.


If you are facing this error in your Azure SQL, then you need to update sitecore-XPO.json file as per the below image.


After configuring the Sitecore parts you need to update setting in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). Now you can refer the below images for changes.

how-to-solve-certificate-chain-error-in-sitecore-10-x-installation-5 how-to-solve-certificate-chain-error-in-sitecore-10-x-installation-6

After all these steps are completed, you need to follow the Installation step.

If you are facing Sitecore Failed to start service 'Sitecore Marketing Automation Engine’ error, then follow this blog.

Through the above given instructions and steps, you can easily rectify the error and smoothly install Sitecore 10.x in your local machine.