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Sitecore Integration & Implementation Service Provider


Drive growth and revenue through our Sitecore Integration Services and
build a holistic digital ecosystem.

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We will assist you with out-of-the-box, custom Sitecore Implementation and Sitecore Integration solutions for your enterprise.

Sitecore Integration Services

Enhance your services and grow your business by integrating third-party
solutions on your website.

  • Recommendations and strategy for integration
  • Suggestions for selecting integrations that align with your business
  • Consultation for custom integrations
  • Implementing Sitecore integrations with your current website
  • Building a holistic digital ecosystem
  • Sitecore Maintenance and Support
Sitecore Integration Services Addact


We offer a wide range of third-party integrations with your Sitecore platform. You can get selective ones or all the integrations as per your requirements.


Give the best developer experience along with speed, reliability and innovation to iterate delightful user experiences.

  • Deploy webhook configuration to your Sitecore instance
  • Publish new items easily
  • Easy deployment of next.js application
  • Supports CI/CD pipeline
Vercel Integration Addact

Sitecore Connectors

Integrate various modules and additional features for your specific business needs and services.

  • Integrate with Sitecore Experience Accelerator
  • Connect multiple social media platforms for posting
  • Sync items directly from the Sitecore AWS CDN
  • Allow multilingual for the users’ convenience
  • Set up marketing campaigns and get analytics
  • Editor-friendly user experience
Sitecore Connectors Integration Addact

Dynamics 365

Delight your customers and create engaging experiences by becoming more agile and delivering excellence

  • Elevate and enhance your sales and marketing
  • Configure website personalization
  • Integrated customer intelligence
  • Expand the power of Sitecore XP
Dynamics 365 Integration Addact


Bring more prospects to closure, increase your sales, and wow your customers with amazing customer service.

  • Provide a more personalized customer experience
  • Enrich your customer profile data
  • 2-way connector for data exchange
  • Personalize your XP website
Salesforce Integration Addact

SAP Integration

Power your customer experience and channel it into a huge revenue using the cloud-based CRM SAP.

  • Future proof businesses with smart integrations
  • Get AI-fueled insights
  • Deliver customer centric tools
  • Build end-to-end eCommerce solution
SAP Integration Integration Addact

SSO Integration

Provide a centralized login with authenticators to avoid online frauds and crimes through Single sign-on.

  • Integrate multiple-factor authorization
  • Reduce surface attacks
  • Reduce multiple sign-ins
  • Enhanced security of confidential data
  • User-friendly and improves customer experience
  • Easy to implement
SSO Integration Integration Addact

Email marketing

Use multiple email marketing tools to connect with your target audience in a completely personalized way.

  • Integrate tools like MailChimp, Pardot, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, OptiMonk, Never Bounce
  • Drive campaigns with accuracy
  • Ensure exceptional customer journeys
  • Optimize real-time interactions
Email marketing Integration Addact

Survey Monkey

Bring automation to the feedback process through Survey Monkey and analyze confidential data for business decisions.

  • Automated login configuration
  • Admin control and dashboards for viewing multiple user data
  • Support your marketing activities by capturing leads
  • Automation of push sales orders
Survey Monkey Integration Addact


Connect your website with the proven market leader of social software and add external applications.

  • Deliver social applications and services
  • Deliver user-generated content directly on Sitecore XP
  • Built-in authentication
Verint Integration Addact


Make your marketing operations smooth-going and easier to run using the Act-on integration.

  • Connect marketing automation platforms with DXP or CMS
  • Build integrations 4 times faster
  • Make your business future-proof and flexible
  • Solve issues instantly with immediate notification
  • Digitize your business processes
Act-On Integration Addact

Payment Gateways

Add popular payment gateways preferred by your customers to provide them with ease and convenience.

  • Provide robust payment processing
  • Integrate Stripe, PayPal, CardConnect
  • Compliant with PCI
  • Complaint with global taxes
Payment Gateways Integration Addact


Deliver personalization through the power of AI with better recommendations and better customer service.

  • Enable AI-based search option
  • Integrated with Sitecore xDB
  • Leverage the power of cloud
Coveo Integration Addact


Build an online community to create internal bonds with the partnerships and achieve complete transparency.

  • Integrate cloud-based community
  • Build discussion forums
  • Create a knowledge base
Forumbee Integration Addact
We are not limited to just a select few!

Get custom integrations that are aligned with your business requirements for your Sitecore platform.


You will be assigned a dedicated team for your project consisting of a Project Manager, Sitecore Developer(s), DevOps and QA as per your selected number of Sitecore Integrations.

Holistic Ecosystem
Build a holistic ecosystem with seamlessly integrated third-party solutions.
60+ Successful Projects
Our client reviews are testimonials to our successful deliverables and expertise.
95% Client Retention
Our retention ratio is 95% with a portfolio of clients from major industries.
Over 9 Years of Experience
We have been exclusively working on Sitecore for over 9 years.
Experts at Upgradation
We pride ourselves on our great experience as well as expertise on Sitecore version upgradation.


Cross-functional Expertise
Our team of dedicated developers are certified and skilled in different areas of technology.
Sitecore MVPs
We have 3 Sitecore MVPs who hold expertise and knowledge of Sitecore.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
With Addact, you will be assured of quality and timely deliverables of the services.
Automation and Extendibility
Enhance your website with extended third-party integrations and bring automation.
Custom Functionality
Deliver functionality on your website that is unique, cutting-edge and out of the box.


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