Sitecore Integration Implementation Service

Sitecore Platform Integrations are the growth drivers for enterprises and when they are seamlessly integrated with other enterprise solutions through our Sitecore Implementation Service by our Experts, you get a Holistic Digital Ecosystem.

Sitecore Integration Services From Addact Technologies


Dynamic CRM Integration

To have an efficient business system, use our dynamics CRM integration. You can create connectivity to:

  • Services
  • Systems
  • Applications
  • Data types

Improved Customer Data Support

With Sitecore platform integrations, you have closed sale deals, and the productivity of the sales reps will improve a lot. You will no doubt, have more customers, and the present customers also turn loyal. You will have in hand all the customer data in the CRM to carry on with relevant proposals.

Accurate Data

Sitecore platform upgrade services integrate CRM with all the external systems. The internal structures are all collaborated and bring coordination in the work of employees of different departments.


SAP integration

Sitecore platform integrations enable integration between SAP and non-SAP applications. We help in improving business efficiency and quickness. Multiple applications are integrated into a single application to save a lot of integration costs and aid in profitable business growth. We transform the way to control the aspects of business operations.

A Unified Platform

Sitecore Platform Upgrade Services help in exchanging data between the applications and thus reduces time and cost. You have a unified platform for running SAP on:

  • Premises
  • Moving to the cloud

Whether it is digitizing the mechanical devices or track raw materials and logistics, the same platform can be used to explore or innovate.


SurveyMonkey Integration

Sitecore platform integrations offer Survey Monkey to give more sense to all the responses. We provide admin control and dashboards to get more visibility of multiple users and their data. All the data collected by the organization, you can store here. We help to keep your confidential data with more security features.

Adding Integrations

Feedback becomes entirely automated by using the key business systems and powerful integrations. Some of the integrations are:

  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • Tableau

To look into the key takeaways and trends, build your customizable charts. The feedback needs to compare with different questionnaires. Sitecore platform upgrade services help you to understand the sentiments of respondents.

With survey monkey data, all the teams get empowered in the company. Survey results we collect through comments and feedback into a single place. The survey visions impact the teams all over the company. We build leads based on the responses of the customers. More personalized campaigns we can create with feedback. Your relationship with customers improvises, leading to more sales and conversions. More loyal customer base you can create through this.


Telligent Integration

Sitecore platform integrations provide Telligent integrations for enabling external applications.

Adding Integrations

Feedback becomes entirely automated by using the key business systems and powerful integrations. Some of the integrations are:

  • Rest API is external integration points you can retrieve or modify the community data. The community data is synchronised, and the customer gets remote user experience.
  • Webhooks: This enables the Telligent community to send notifications when events occur. Webhooks helps in integrating Rest API with the external applications.
  • Authentication: When a user needs an external authentication, this needs to be implemented.

For Best Experience

Sitecore platform upgrade services help in enhancing blogs, forums and other information to get the best user experience to the Telligent community. We allow you to get integrated with the Telligent community easily.


ACT-ON Integration

Sitecore platform integrations provide the Act-on integration mainly for marketing platforms. All the incoming and outgoing marketing we integrate through this. It helps you to record the journey of the visitor and the customer at every stage. Marketing reports we create according to your business. Act-on helps in tracking the key performance indicator to improve profit.

Improve Sales

You can be free from the manual entries of data as the customers themselves do it. Sitecore platform upgrade services help with Act-on integration for:

  • Webinar Data
  • Attendance
  • Question & answers
  • Polls and survey responses

You can use the recorded data to improve sales and production activities.


Payment Gateways Integration

Sitecore platform integrations get your online payments quickly through payment gateways integration. You can process the credit cards online or offline through this integration. Here the information is transferred between the websites, banks, payment processors and mobile devices. The user experience would be very smooth to the customer with the gateway as a tool for online transactions.

Secured Transaction Online

Online payment acceptance is made easy by Sitecore platform upgrade services. We make your website confidential and secure for the customer to make deals with trust. Payment gateway integration helps in free and confidential transfer of finance details for necessary online transactions. Many personal details are protected like:

  • Credit card number
  • CVV code
  • Expiration date of the credit card

SSO Integration

Sitecore platform integrations introduce SSO integration for using many applications using only one set of credentials. Single sign-on (SSO) is between the identity provider and the service provider. Once the information is coming from a trusted source, the service provider will be sure. Identifying information is sent by bits like an e-mail address or user name. Customers can access website features or content with a form of authentication.

Centralised Login

Sitecore platform upgrade services provide a centralised login to avoid any online frauds. An electronic identity handles:

  • Authorization
  • Authentication
  • User management
  • User Attributes exchange

The entire above are used to validate the user credentials and give an identity to the user.


FORUMB Integration

Global marketing has led to digital marketplace online. For safe marketing, it is necessary for the integration of the companies in the IT system. Sitecore platform integrations get you the Forumb integration for getting bonded internally and with partnerships. End to end platform services and management applications are integrated to have transparency in sales.

Every Action of Sales Recorded

These days, sales are very quick and payments are made online. Each and every action has to be recorded and should be kept confidential. Sitecore platform upgrade services get FORUMB integration for:

Immediate adoption of the new partners

Rapid integration with vendors and avoid any vendor lock-in

Both internal and external integration to provide the necessary investment from the shelf for business improvement.


Coveo Integration

If you need exponential growth of your Sitecore website, Coveo in Sitecore Platform Integration is the best option. It is fully integrated with Sitecore XP, Commerce and performs exceptionally well with

  • xDB
  • Hive UI framework
  • Cortex and Experience Editor

Consistent combination with Sitecore additionally implies quick execution and results.

Recognise Trends & Lift Conversions

We offer Sitecore Platform Upgrade Services through which Coveo AI delivers relevant and personalised experiences in each interaction, across the mobile, web, and conversational interfaces and you will get all the latest features in Sitecore website. Thus, deliver recommendations continuously and provide better results.

Coveo combines machine learning with business logic to analyse the behavioural patterns, shape weighting, and predict the most relevant content for you.


Partnering Success

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