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What is Sitecore Search?

December 2, 2022
What is Sitecore Search?
Keyur Garala
Keyur Garala
Sitecore Certified Solutions Architect

Sitecore is considered as one of the world’s leading digital experience providers. With an offering of a highly powered CMS that is built on .NET, Sitecore is used by and vouched for by global leading companies and many Fortune 500 brands.

Let us first understand where Sitecore Search comes into the picture!

Sitecore Symposium

Recently, after almost 2 years of virtual events and a break on in-person meets, the Sitecore community came together in Chicago for the biggest Sitecore event of the year – Symposium 2022. Every year Sitecore holds its flagship user conference to see how their products have transformed and for discussing insights on the future of Sitecore.

Over 2000 people visited the McCormik Place in Chicago for this huge event where the guests had the opportunity to attend seminars, keynotes, and breakout sessions. The event was kickstarted by the CEO, Steve Tzikakis who gave an outline of the vision for the future.

There was also discussion on how Sitecore’s composable strategy is helpful to organizations in significant ways such as:

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Increased ROI from content
  • Martech content stack simplified

Three new game-changing products were also launched at this very event, known as – Sitecore Content Hub One, Sitecore Search, and Sitecore Connect.

Let us understand in depth what is Sitecore Search.

What is Sitecore Search?

Sitecore recently acquired Reflektion technology to create a more generalized content tool for giving exceptional search experiences to users. Sitecore Search is made in a way that you can quickly deliver faceted site search experiences to provide the marketers tools for raising their ranking results.

The new Sitecore Search is AI-powered and has the ability to predict the user search intent. It also displays individualized results and makes the search experience personalized.

The features of Sitecore Search are what make it distinct, intelligent and blazing fast. Without the need for a complex code, it allows you to build searchable experiences for your users from scratch.

Some of the perks of having the Sitecore Search are:

Fast and predictive search

As the visitors are typing, you can give them suggestions of relevant content. Basically, when the user is typing, with each letter that they type, they get various search options below based on the word that is being typed.

Because of this, usually, the customer almost always finds what they were going to type in the search options below and they click. This is not only convenient and helpful for the customers but it is also a very useful way to anticipate the journey of a visitor within milliseconds.

Elevated content

You get the ability to understand the visitors’ intent through AI that too individually. This also allows you to act upon their predicted journeys in real-time.

Controlled experience

Through the rich APIs, and components, you will be able to seamlessly embed content search, guided navigation as well as promotion into any of the sites of your choice.

Deep content insights

When measuring the user engagement or trying to build up metrics, what do you usually use? URLs? Clicks? Footfalls on the website? Through the Sitecore Search, you can go beyond the average metrics. You can use themes as well as keywords across your content for measuring user engagement.

Easy implementation

You can create search experiences across a various number of digital assets. All of these search experiences built on different digital assets will be organized as well as fully optimized for your audience.

Multi-lingual Search

Businesses are going glocal which is regionalizing their products and services in order to increase relevancy as well as reach more customers. This is to offer their products to everyone and break the regional and lingual barrier.

This is why Sitecore Search supports the multi-lingual option. You can incorporate multiple languages for simplifying the user experience across the globe as well as to simplify the management in the various locations.

What can you do with the Sitecore Search?

Sitecore Search is intelligent, blazing fast and does not require a complex code. You can build unique search experiences for your users quickly and very easily. Through the Sitecore Search, you can connect each of the visitors with the right content very quickly.

With the Sitecore Search you can:

  • Give unified and easy-to-find content
  • Drive user engagement
  • Display faster results

Give unified and easy-to-find content

You can customize how the content is going to be matched, how it will be sorted, and how exactly it will be promoted to mirror the unique, individual needs of the user search experience.

Drive user engagement

As Sitecore Search is powered by AI, you can leverage it to give your search component a lot of capabilities. You can curate rules based on AI for amplifying content. This way you can even align your business goals with the search content or the customer feedback with the search content.

Display faster results

Faster search results can be displayed using the Sitecore Search. You can provide them with relevant search options within milliseconds of the user starting to type. All of this is made possible by the AI-backed assistance that allows you to give personalized search experiences.


The power of search has never been more important than now. They look for different channels and new ways to find information which is why it is important to cater to this consumer need, too. We are in an era of digital transformation and digital search is one such aspect that also requires upgradation.

Sitecore Search is built exactly for this and it offers the marketers a very unified system for delivering hyper-relevant content in this AI-powered search product.