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Addact Technologies Brand Guidelines


Want to know what are brand guidelines, why they are used and what’s included in them?
Check out everything here and also get a free copy of our brand guidelines below! 

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What are Brand Guidelines?

Brand Guidelines are a pre-defined set of rules and standards that communicate how your brand is to be represented to the world. They help your business in maintaining consistency. Through the brand guidelines, you can understand how best to represent the organization. It can even be considered as a rule book or a manual on how to communicate your brand identity to the world.

Why do we use Brand Guidelines?
  • To represent a clear understanding of your brand
  • To maintain consistency internally within the organization and externally
  • To set rules and standards
  • To build your brand identity that the audience can recognize
  • To make your brand stand out in the crowd
What comes under Brand Guidelines?
  • 01.Introduction
  • 02.Logo, Symbol, Wordmark & Tagline
  • 03.Brand Colors
  • 04.Typography
01. Introduction
  • What is Addact?
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Brand Values
02. Logo, Symbol, Wordmark & Tagline
  • The Logo
  • Logo Clear Space
  • Wordmark
  • The Icon (Secondary)
  • Placement
  • Usage
03. Brand Colors
  • Addact Blurp
  • Brand Color Palette
04. Typography
  • Typefaces