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What is Sitecore OrderCloud? Major features & benefits

April 4, 2022
What is Sitecore OrderCloud? Major features & benefits
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Cloud-based eCommerce platforms are the most in demand right now. The global retail sales increased approximately to USD 4.2 trillion during the pandemic. The share of eCommerce as of 2021 globally in the total retail sales is 21%.

Omnichannel shopping is increasing with businesses having to work twice as hard as before to offer their customers the best possible experience. A lot of businesses are opting for cloud-based eCommerce platforms for their businesses as it is easier, safer, and quicker. One of them is Sitecore Order Cloud. What is Sitecore OrderCloud? Let’s explore.

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud is a headless, API-first, cloud-based platform, that enables various businesses to build customized, eCommerce marketplace and order management applications. It was created with a purpose to solve complex business problems for B2X businesses.

OrderCloud offers limitless customization and endless freedom for growth. Through Sitecore OrderCloud you can streamline your marketplace business operations such as order management, product management, vendor management and create seamless processes for giving your customers a unique and smooth purchasing experience.

What are the key features of Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud comes with some very dynamic features that allow you to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Through the power of headless architecture, you can future proof your business and ensure long term success.

The major Sitecore OrderCloud features are:

Complete Customization

Any business model that you have, B2B, B2C, B2X, or any eCommerce marketplace business, you can create a completely customized platform with unique features and unique customer experience processes. Sitecore OrderCloud allows you to have complete A-TO-Z customization.

You have creative control over the design, the functionality, and the capabilities of your eCommerce platform. When you have the freedom to offer complete customization, you can also ensure a personalized experience for your customers. Customers love getting personalized offers and a easy to use interface which is possible with OrderCloud.

You can increase your customer footfalls and build a large customer base by retaining them.

Increased Scalability

When you have an eCommerce marketplace business, the platform needs to be scalable automatically. There can be a surge in platform visits, increasing orders, increasing vendor onboarding or any situation requiring your platform to be able to scale itself.

With OrderCloud, you can build a platform that is scalable. Your platform will be capable of scaling itself and take on the growing numbers. There can be an increased customer demand which can be smoothly accommodated without any hurdles.

Integration & Extensibility

When you are creating an eCommerce platform, it also requires third party functions, extensions such as merchant services, product indexing, shipping services, tax calculations, delivery networks, different payment gateways, etc.

Through OrderCloud, you can integrate all third-party applications that are required by your business. You can create multiple, independent functional components while also reducing the development and maintenance time. All this while ensuring successful implementations is possible in OrderCloud.

Flexibility for the Future

The market is filling fast with competition with startups coming up every single day. In this fast-paced, ever-changing market, flexibility is required. OrderCloud allows you just that by diversifying and scaling your business as and when required for your infinite buyer types.

Better Order Management

Order Management is an important aspect of a marketplace, eCommerce business. OrderCloud supports the various mixes of marketplaces that come with sets of buyers, suppliers and customers. From the first step to the last, the ordering experience of the customers will become smooth-going and easy despite any complexities going on behind the scenes.

Developer Friendly

Sitecore OrderCloud comes with headless architecture and is an API-first, eCommerce platform builder. There are SDKs provided for the developers that they can use to easily access everything. There is a developer portal online for testing and interacting with the APIs.

Cloud-native Infrastructure

The implementations of building an eCommerce platform through Sitecore OrderCloud are on Microsoft Azure. The entire infrastructure is cloud-native and makes it highly flexible, responsive, and has the capability of scaling during heavy traffic spikes.

When your customers get a faster loading time and quick results while shopping, they are bound to stay compared to when they switch due to slower loading time. This way their interests will be focused on where they should be – which is on buying.

Why should companies choose Sitecore OrderCloud?

Let us understand the OrderCloud benefits that you will get when choosing Sitecore OrderCloud for creating your eCommerce platform.

Management of Product, Orders, Vendors

An eCommerce business requires Vendor Management, Product Management, and Order Management. With Sitecore Order Cloud, you can oversee start to finish stock, your site, your merchants, the request interaction that every client goes through and smooth out the general course of business activities. This will prompt effective activities, better client experience and expanded consumer loyalty.

Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

At the point when you build your foundation or redesign it with OrderCloud Sitecore, it turns out to be a faster and easier process because of MACH Architecture. Due to its Microservices-based, API-first nature, and headless incorporations with cloud-native framework, business capacities can be independently deployed. You can focus on increasing the value of your business rather than the tedious, time-consuming work. Your cost of ownership is drastically reduced due to this.

Faster Time to Market

Sitecore OrderCloud helps you with end-to-end functionality of your B2X or marketplace eCommerce business. It allows you to focus more on core aspects of your business such as user experience, presentation, look and feel and implementation of the business. Due to this, you can quickly launch your business in the market.

World-class Security

Sitecore Order Cloud is audited annually for SOC Type 2 with HIPAA controls and is compliant with GDPR and CGPA, and facilitates PCI compliance for all the platforms and solutions that it offers.

Enterprise Readiness

Both software development and delivery are cloud-native in Sitecore OrderCloud which allows it to handle high performances and improves scalability. This also gives you the freedom for custom integrations and running your business on multiple channels such as web, mobile application, social media, etc.

Headless Architecture

When using Sitecore OrderCloud, you can build a completely new front-end or use your existing one for integrations. Without any risk of performance, you can perform endless customizations. It is due to the headless architecture.


For eCommerce platforms, entire processes, be it order process, vendor onboarding and admin, or product management, functions need to be added. With OrderCloud, these processes are simplified as it is a multi-tenant platform. It allows you to integrate with third-party platforms easily.

We now know that Sitecore OrderCloud can be used by any eCommerce business to configure a unique platform with customization for delivering exceptional experiences to its customers.