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Get a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) that goes beyond Conventional Sitecore CMS Development to empower marketers and decision-makers with Marketing Automation, Data Analytics and Actual Customer Insights.


Sitecore Solutions and Services

  • With the combination of our Sitecore Expertise and your expectations, we ensure effective Sitecore Implementation.
  • We strategize to deliver personalized Sitecore Platform.
  • For us, a standard Sitecore Solution is the one that aligns with your business goals and customer expectations.
  • We deliver quality with utmost transparency.
  • Sitecore CMS Services is an Enterprise Solution with numerous features! Make an informed decision by collaborating with our Sitecore Experts.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP) is an enterprise solution that makes Sitecore CMS a Digital Experience Manager. Apart from user-friendly Content Management System, Sitecore XP is power-packed with data collection, data analytics and marketing automation capabilities that enable Personalisation, Omnichannel marketing opportunity and cost-effective ways of delivering delightful Digital Experiences to your customers across all your Digital Platforms.

Industries We Serve

Addact has Sitecore experties within many different industries. We have highly specialized teams who bring the knowledge and expertise for business needs to help & advise using proven business practices and best practices. With innovative ideas, solutions are offered in a diverse scope of industries for Giant, medium-sized businesses or even small businesses.




















Govt. Bodies





Addact’s Role as Sitecore CMS Development


UI/UX Strategy

We step into the process way before Development and help our client in understanding the audience, their behavior, their expectation, and then create a User Experience Strategy that best aligns with your Sitecore CMS Platform.

Technical Finesse and Tool Knowledge of our Certified Sitecore Developers:


Profound knowledge and extensive use of SXA, Bootstrap and Grid 960 systems.


Effective use of Helix Principles for future proof site development and faster go-to-market.


Implementation of Personalisation Rules after they are approved by an experienced QA.


A Cross-Functional Team of QA, UX Designer, UI Designer and Backend Developer for effective strategy development and flawless execution.

Sitecore Architecture Development

We deploy experienced and technically proficient Sitecore Architects to deliver a Sitecore CMS Platform with manageable code, modular architecture, reduced technical debt, the minimal cost of change and recommended Sitecore Helix practices. Sitecore Helix is basically a list of guidelines that ensure component-based architecture in any Sitecore Project.


Sitecore Development Strategy

Apart from UX and Architecture, our developers take the development approach that is based on Helix Principles and because of our expertise and technical finesse, our clients get Sitecore Solution with the following traits.


Best Template Architecture.


Best Content Architecture (Information architecture).


User-Friendly Experience Editor.


Efficient Media Assets Management.


Extensive Caching for Customer Behaviour Understanding.


Effective Workflow.

Sitecore Integration:

Whether you wish to send newsletters or integrate various Social Media platforms for smooth and personalized content distribution, whether you wish to integrate CRM or import data for role definition and accountability we will ensure seamless integrations and align your digital assets with Sitecore XP. To more information, click on the link below:

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Why Addact For Sitecore CMS Development?

Analyze user history using Sitecore XP along with customized user categorization and segmentation ruleset developed by our developers to deliver Personalised Digital Experiences to every single customer. Our Certified Sitecore Developers not only have the required technical proficiency but also have experience of successfully delivering Sitecore CMS Solutions to various enterprise clients with global audiences.

Hire our UX strategists to get a content distribution and marketing strategy that can be employed on multiple websites. Not only will we provide a cost-effective opportunity to establish omnichannel marketing with automation, but our ingenious Data Strategists will also create an information architecture that collects data from multiple websites and centralize it on a single server to provide effective customer insights using Sitecore XP regarding global sales and marketing.

Get responsive content templates that can help you make qualitative reuse of content to deliver consistent and uniform digital experience across all digital platforms. With the use of extractable and decoupled content, get the required flexibility and scalability to create multichannel content that can be displayed on conventional digital platforms such as websites and apps or cognitive platforms like AR, VR and IoT devices. Occupy a cost-effective and personalized content distribution strategy and covers all digital platforms with qualitative content reusability.

Leverage the power of Sitecore AI and get answers to problems that you didn’t even know existed before! Empower your sales personnel with qualitative customer insights that are extracted using the personalization automation capability of the Sitecore Experience Platform and increase your chance of conversion. Apart from that, ensure delightful User Experience on all your Digital Platforms as the automated User Recognition capability of Sitecore XP delivers personalized digital experiences.

Instead of spending immense cost on wireframes and prototypes, Sitecore Experience Platform has the Experience Editor feature where Sitecore Experts will collaborate with your team and deliver Digital Platforms with the use of ready to use modules and templates of Sitecore. Not only you get a fair idea of what you will get from your digital platform, but you can also ensure quick implementation and faster go-to-market with the use of Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

Get end-to-end user journeys and navigational charts and collect quality data and insights from all your digital platforms on one Centralised platform. Access and control all your data from a single location and get cost-effective data analytics solutions that provide valuable customer insights without risking the privacy of your users.

Instead of manually administrating customer interactions and conversation on various digital platforms, eliminate the problem of system silos and integrate all your digital platforms on a single Sitecore instance. Leverage the power of Sitecore Automation capabilities and strategically plan interactions and Call to Action buttons that can prompt users to take desired action and aid users to monitor and administer interactions from a single Sitecore Experience Platform.


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Sitecore Platform integration

In the era of Digital Transformation, it is essential that not only you have digitized business operations, but it is also essential that all your Enterprise solutions are seamlessly integrated to form an effective Digital Ecosystem.

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