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Sitecore Maintenance & CMS Support


Get the best Sitecore CMS Support and Sitecore Maintenance that is
completely adaptive to your business needs.

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We will assist you through our Sitecore CMS Support and Sitecore Maintenance Services for a smooth workflow of your business.


We offer four different types of support services based on your business requirements and needs.

Sitecore Application Support

We will provide you with consultation as well as custom Sitecore development. Along with that, we also support the marketing teams.

  • Custom Sitecore developments and enhancements
  • Sitecore custom module development
  • Custom theme creation
  • Upgrading current UI/UX HTML design
  • Improving application performance
  • QA, troubleshooting, bug fixing
  • Create and run marketing campaigns
  • Configure personalization for enhanced customer experiences
  • Integrate AI and conduct A/B testing
  • Maintain assets library and manage content workflow
Sitecore 24x7 Technical Support

You will get 24x7 global availability of our Sitecore Support and the Sitecore Maintenance team. This will increase your time-to-market and also reduce your downtime.

  • Maintaining SLAs and monitoring your site uptime
  • Monitoring website performance
  • Planning site backup as well as disaster recovery
  • All settings will be maintained in Azure
  • Building and maintaining a Known Errors Database
  • App health check of all infrastructure and application-level patching
  • Performing root-cause analysis of high priority incidents
  • Conducting log analysis
Sitecore Platform Support

Your developers will get assistance with the auditing and proactive Sitecore security protocols as well as for maintaining the SSLs and disaster recovery.

  • Proactive Sitecore security, patch and also updates
  • Periodic Sitecore health checks and Sitecore site assessments
  • Regular security audits
  • Back up and disaster recovery for the site
  • SSL monitoring as well as renewal
  • Planning for upgrades
Sitecore Infrastructure Support

This is for when you are building your infrastructure through Sitecore. You will get the support team assisting you on deployment as well as for monitoring errors.

  • Deployment process support
  • Maintaining CI/CD pipeline
  • Bug fixing
  • Repository branching
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Once you avail yourself of the Sitecore CMS Support, all the resources and skill-sets required by the issue will be allocated to you, including Front-end, Sitecore back-end, DevOps and QA.

A guide to 24X7 Sitecore Support


  • 1
    Ticket Initiation by Client

    The client will initiate the process by assigning tickets regarding the issues and their requirements. These tickets will be allocated based on prior discussions with the Support teams.

  • 2
    Addact Defines Priorities

    The support team will now review the tickets that have been allocated. Based on that, they will set priorities, targets and goals to be achieved.

  • 3
    Client Review of the Approach

    Once the priorities and targets are set, the support team will confer with the client to review if their understanding of the requirements and their objectives are correct or not.

  • 4
    Resolving Tickets

    After the go-ahead from the client, the team starts working on resolving the issues. QA testing is also done to make sure that quality is maintained and the client needs are met.

  • 5
    Client Approval and Closure

    The clients are sent the resolved tickets for review and approval. They will go through the solutions after which, if found satisfactory, they will approve and close the ticket.

  • 6
    Going Live

    Once all the changes and work is reviewed and also approved by the client and the ticket is closed, we go live.

24x7 Availability
Time-zones and geographical locations are not a hindrance to our support services.
65+ Successful Projects
Our client reviews are testimonials to our successful deliverables and expertise.
95% Client Retention
Our retention ratio is 95% with a portfolio of clients from major industries.
Over 10 Years of Experience
We have been exclusively working on Sitecore for over 10 years.
Experts at Upgradation
We pride ourselves on our great experience as well as expertise on Sitecore version upgradation.


Cross-functional Expertise
Our team of dedicated developers are certified and skilled in different areas of technology.
Sitecore MVPs
We have 3 Sitecore MVPs who hold expertise and knowledge of Sitecore.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
With Addact, you will be assured of quality and timely deliverables of the services.
Best Sitecore Migration
Our teams are experts at a smooth and hassle-free Sitecore migration.
Security Compliance
We are compliant with the SSL security protocols for ensuring safety.
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Parameters Standard Support 24x7 Premium Support
Includes Infrastructure, Platform, and Application Support. Infrastructure, Platform, Application and 24x7 Technical Support.
Definition Designed to help clients stay on track with projects and assist them on their infrastructure, Sitecore apps, bug fixing, troubleshooting, ongoing development, etc. Designed for customers that need an enhanced response time for regular support issues and also round-the-clock support for critical situations.
Response Time The maximum response time to be expected varies from 1-3 business days and also depends upon the severity of the issue. The maximum response time to be expected varies from 30 minutes to 3 business days and also depends upon the severity of the issue.
Resolution time The resolution of the issues at hand usually depends on the assigned task and the objectives of the sprint. The resolution of the issues at hand usually depends on the priority of the assigned task defined by the support team.
Service Hours For the services, we follow the standard 8x5 (8 hours, 5 days a week) policy for all the issues. For the services, we follow 24x7 availability for critical issues and the standard 8x5 policy for all the issues.
Skills and Recourses You will get access to a diverse pool of talent including Sitecore Front-end, Sitecore Back-end, QA and DevOps. You will get access to a diverse pool of talent including Sitecore Front-end, Sitecore Back-end, QA and DevOps along with an emergency response team and a Dedicated Project Manager.
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