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Why Hire Sitecore Developers from Addact?

When you are looking for a Sitecore Development Company, Addact is the one! With services of custom development and an exclusive portfolio of Sitecore CMS Development projects, Addact has capabilities for comprehensive Sitecore implementation as well as digital transformation.

The unmatched knowledge of CMS advancements, customization, and integration is a bonus point to the fact that Addact Technologies also holds the expertise at Sitecore Upgradation. The team at Addact has worked with different domains like web-based, retail, and human services.

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We offer a range of services for you to select from. You can choose the one
that suits your business the best and hire Sitecore developers from us.

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Hire Sitecore Developers, managers and experts working dedicatedly, full-time for your long-term project.


Best suitable for maintaining or enhancing your development project, you can get Sitecore developers for hire on a part-time basis.

Time & Material

We have the best Sitecore developers for hire on an hourly basis where you can get our resources as per your requirements.

Custom Model

We are open to a custom engagement model decided between us mutually as per your unique requirements.


Sitecore Services 24x7 Availability

If you feel that your business requires developers that work for you dedicatedly then this engagement model is for you. You don’t have to go through the hassle of hiring and training new team members as you can hire Sitecore developers 24x7 dedicated to your project only. This will give you increased control over your project. You will be handed over the resources and the team and you can conduct the project as you please.

Sitecore Services 24x7 Availability Addact

4 Simple Steps to Hire
Sitecore Developers

We employ a very systematic way to start the project and get you going.

Discovery & Inquiry

  • Research the client’s business
  • Discovery call with the client for introduction
  • Understanding their business goals
  • Identifying their requirements and expectations
Discovery & Inquiry Addact

Analysis & Consultation

  • Thoroughly analyzing their requirements
  • Setting up recommendations and suggestions
  • Forming strategy for the solution
  • Sharing profiles of resources
Analysis & Consultation Addact

Finalizing Agreement

  • Creating a plan and roadmap
  • Analyzing the client budget and time constraints
  • Finalizing the resources
  • Finalizing and sending a proposal
  • Negotiating and entering into a contract
Finalizing Agreement Addact

Allocation of Resources

  • Building a team dedicated to the project
  • Making the team familiar with the client
  • Setting targets, objectives and priorities
  • Execution and implementation
Allocation of Resources Addact
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We are working with industries like

Our versatile portfolio of clients is always expanding in various industries. This gives us - knowledge, experience and expertise in what we do.

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Experts at Upgradation
We pride ourselves because of our expertise in Sitecore version upgradation for all versions.
65+ Successful Projects
Our client reviews are testimonials to our successful deliverables and expertise.
95% Client Retention
Our retention ratio is 95% with a portfolio of clients from major industries.
Over 10 Years of Experience
We have been exclusively working on Sitecore for over 10 years.
Experience in Multi-domains
Our team is skilled and experienced in multiple domains.


Cross-functional Expertise
Our team of dedicated developers are certified and skilled in different areas of technology.
Sitecore MVPs
We have 3 Sitecore MVPs who hold expertise and knowledge of Sitecore.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
With Addact, you will be assured of quality and timely deliverables of the services.
Flexible Hiring Approach
No rigid contract of long-term. You pay for how long you avail the services.
In-house Development
We have an in-house team of developers focusing on all client needs.


You are at the right place if you are looking for Sitecore Developers!

We’ll work on getting you the best talent in the industry so that you can relax and focus on your projects.

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Hire Sitecore developers Addact


"Their flexibility and technical expertise on Sitecore were impressive."
Raj Srinivasan
Suyati Technologies
"The team has a positive outlook towards longtime goals."
Himangshu Dhali
Lead Asset & Tech,
Media Company
“I’ve been very happy with their response times, project management, and communication.”
Brynn Smith-Raska
Senior Account Director,
Blue Fountain Media
"Our relationship is strong and we’re happy working with them."
Group Head for Technology, Marketing Firm
"Their willingness to help and professionalism were very impressive"
Managing Director, Digital Agency


  • We have more than 30+ years of combined experience with our Sitecore experts.
  • We have been working for over 10 years exclusively on Sitecore.
  • We have delivered 65+ successful Sitecore projects to our clients in various domains.
  • Our organization has BD, Creative team, Front-end and Back-end, DevOps and QA, Sitecore MVPs and Sitecore Certified teams of experts.

  • Analyze the job description and the client requirements.
  • Sharing the resource profiles with the clients and finalizing developers.
  • Allocating the developers to the client based on the project engagement model they have selected.
  • Analyze project updates regularly to ensure a smooth project implementation.
  • Replacing the resources if the client is not satisfied.

  • Understanding the client requirements.
  • Projecting sitemap and budgeting for the project.
  • Sending proposal and entering into an agreement and contract.
  • Handing over the resources/development team.

Additionally, for the project implementation, we also take certain steps in between as per the client requirements which are :

  • Designing and developing the UI/UX as per the client requirements.
  • Installation, scaling and optimization of the Sitecore environment.
  • Strong quality control practices that include UI/UX testing, feature testing, regression testing, end-to-end integration testing, black box testing, and smoke testing.
  • Strong Sitecore support and maintenance for the projects.

  • Maintaining strong communication with the partners and the clients.
  • Our resources will be available over email, Skype, Teams or your preferred mode of communication.
  • Frequent updates with daily scrum meetings for the team as well as weekly/bi-monthly meeting for progress report.
  • Regular checking of deadlines and noting down achievements.
  • Retrospective meeting with the clients at the end of the month.

  • We have been working exclusively on Sitecore for the past 8+ years.
  • We provide an in-house team of dedicated developers who will be focusing on your project only.
  • Team of Sitecore certified developers and architects and Sitecore MVPs.
  • Cross-functional and multi-domain expertise with clients in major industries.

We have experience in high-scale enterprise implementation with :

  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency compatible platform development.
  • Multiple location website development with regional compliances.
  • Custom Sitecore module development services.
  • Handling all of the infrastructure support activities on Azure and/or AWS.
  • We don’t bind clients in a contract. You can pay monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly as per your flow of work.


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