Sitecore DevOps Azure/AWS

Ensure that you have zero request failures along with continuous and quick delivery and integration with Addact’s managed DevOps services. Get optimised development with reduced server costs.

We manage DevOps services and DevOps consulting and ensure that you must have zero request failure with proper site core installation. Apart from that, we ensure that you get optimised development with economic server costs, continuous integration and active monitoring.

Addact’s Azure DevOps Service includes detailed reports to you and the stakeholders with full transparency into your system’s status, health, and performance over time.

In the production monitoring space, primarily two things we tend to look at for our Sitecore environments are:

  • Alert
  • Metrics

What is Alert?

We generate alerts by taking the help of the metrics and putting a threshold on them. When the sufficient level is met, the appropriate staff is informed, and the issue is remediated before it becomes an issue for the site. Through this alerting technique, we maintain overall uptime of your Sitecore solution in your cloud hosting provider.

What are the Metrics?

It is the data generated by various cloud resources such as CPU and memory on VMs, disk space, web application firewall, database connections, etc. These metrics value in the tens of thousands for any reasonably-sized, Sitecore installation solution.

Addact Technologies currently supports DevOps services for Azure and AWS.

We aim at giving the software application with more incredible speed to the customers. Azure DevOps Service improvises the quality avoiding all risks and reaches the customer quickly. At initial stages itself, the bugs are isolated and rectified very quickly and easily.

Get Quality Codes

Whenever a new code joins the repository, a new build is initiated. DevOps services test runs on the latest codes to check for any breakage. Our CI/CD pipeline tests every form thus reduces the risk. Every customer gets a risk-free end product as quickly as possible.

To get fast feedback, we need to run the corresponding tests for each committed code to reduce any line breakage later.

  • DevOps consulting gives the right quality code to customers.

DevOps Consulting roadmap

Planning and Discovery: Since the nature of all the application architecture is different it requires complete analysis before implementing and investing in any DevOPs tools. This process will determine the need for DevOps, strategic impact and advantages, frequency and efficiency or releases, application code stability and reliability etc.

Define and Prepare Implementation roadmap

  • Define CI/CD approach
  • Aligning with Test Automation practices
  • Design and align infrastructure and environments automation with CI/CD Tools
  • Prepare Monitoring
  • Develop Implementation Plan
  • Suggest DevOps specific approach
  • Setting up DevOps Solution/Tool
  • Practical approach to implement CI/CD using various tools
  • Support continuous delivery from lower environments till the production
  • Release Management