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Here are the terms and conditions for usage of Addact India website.

By accessing our website, it is understood that you have accepted our terms and conditions. If you are not receiving all of our terms and conditions stated on this page, then please do not continue using Addact website.

In terms and conditions, the disclaimer notice and privacy statement some terminology we use.You are the person or the client using the website and agree to the terms and conditions of Addact. We, Our, Us is referred to our company Addact.Parties or party refers to Addact and users. Our terms refer to the consideration, offer and acceptance of the payment with our assistance in the most suitable manner. Here there may be formal meetings for a short duration between the client and us. When the client needs an express meeting that also can be arranged, taking into consideration the company services and products. The above terms can be used as a plural, singular or capitalized but refer to the same.


The user has to know that we employ cookies once you use Addact website. Access to our website leads to the use of cookies in accord with Addact privacy policy.

Most of the cookies are used to get the details of the client after every visit. Cookies also enable easier browsing on the website. Some of our website advertising partners also may use cookies.


Addact owns all the intellectual property rights for all the materials concerned with us. All the rights are reserved. The terms and conditions can be read or printed form Addact website for your reference of terms and conditions.

There is no permission from our side to:

  1. Publish the material from our website
  2. Rent or sell the material
  3. Duplicate copy or reproduce the material from the site.

Permission is granted, with some terms and conditions, for the clients who are interested in redistributing the content from Addact website.

Linking To our Addact Website

No prior permission is required for the following organizations to link to our website

Such organizations can link into Addact home page, website information or publication but the link (a) should not mislead, (b) should not endorse or approve the products or services of the linking party (c) fit into the context of the linked party’s website.

Some of the organizations require permission or approval of link requests like

The link requests are approved only if the link does not reflect negatively on our website or our business. The link neither is nor approved if the organization does not have a good record with us. The links should be visible in the general resource information or the newsletter. Our Addact mission has to be visualized through these links.

The parties interested in getting linked to our website have to notify us through email. Here your name, name of the organization, contact information likes phone number or email address has to be mentioned. The list of the URL`s to be linked also has to be given. We need at least three weeks to respond to this mail.

Addact Logo or any other artwork cannot be used or copied.

Create Frames

Without our written permission or approval, frames cannot be created around Addact webpages. In no other way, the appearance or visual presentation of our website should be altered without our permission.

Reservation of Rights

Addact has all rights to request for the removal of links from our website. You will be given a particular time for removal of your links. We can amend any terms and conditions at any time, and you have to oblige to it. If you have to stay linked to our website, you have to abide by the terms and conditions.

Requests For Links Removal

If you observe any other objectionable links, please inform us. We will take the necessary action. We can consider it only as a request and not obliged to you to do so. We ensure that the linked website information is correct and does not give any warranty for its accuracy.

Content Liability

We will not be responsible for any of the contents hating obscene, criminal, libelous and violates any third party rights on your website.


All representations, conditions, and warranties are not permitted to your website. This disclaimer will not:

The disclaimer governs all liabilities arising in the contract. The information and services provided on the website are free of charge, and we will not take responsibility for any damage or loss.

Contact information

If you have any queries in the terms and conditions, please contact us: info@addact.net