Sitecore Platform Upgrade

Get comprehensive Sitecore Platform Upgrade services from our Sitecore Experts and ensure effective implementation of the Sitecore Platform along with extensive Sitecore Training for a seamless transition and content migration services for effective data transfer without any dark or corrupted data. Get extensive services right from consulting to planning and analysis to effective implementation and QA services.

Addact’s Sitecore Upgrade Services and Solutions

Reasons You Should Work With Us


01 Sitecore Consultation:Hire our Sitecore Experts and make them a part of your Centre of Excellence to help you understand the module requirements and the technology architecture that would be required to align the Sitecore Solutions with your Business Goals. We will not only help you provide detailed understanding of the Sitecore Capabilities, but our technology experts will also ensure you make an informed decision and get an optimised Sitecore Solution by making correct module choices.


02 Planning and Analysis:With our in-depth knowledge of Sitecore Platforms and our vast domain experience, we will help you plan your Sitecore Upgrade! It includes various aspects such as which modules can be reused, how much of the code will have to be rewritten, what can be the ideal time of Sitecore Upgrade, how to ensure you experience zero downtime with faster go-to market and other such crucial decisions.


03 Development and Deployment Services:Right from platform development to database architecture development to code rewrite services, our developers can provide end-to-end development and deployment services to ensure that you can make a seamless transition towards the latest Sitecore Platforms without any problems or limitations.


04 QA Services:With so much of new development and changes being made to your current digital platforms, it is essential that you have experienced Testers who can ensure that your code, modules, architecture and Sitecore Platforms are flawless. Hire our comprehensive QA services from qualified and experienced QA resources and ensure a flawless Sitecore Platform Upgrade execution.


05 Content Migration:Migrate all your content, resources and media from the older version to the latest version of Sitecore with the help of our migration experts and ensure there is no data loss, corrupted files or dark data.


06 Sitecore Training:To ensure that your marketers, backend users and decision makers can make optimum utilisation of the latest Sitecore platform and are aware of the capabilities of Sitecore, hire our marketers and Sitecore Experts who will provide extensive training to all your personnel and ensure that your organisation can make a seamless transition from the older version to latest version without any problems.

Benefits of Upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore


Upgrade to get access to latest Sitecore Features

Sitecore Developers and analysts work endlessly to make Sitecore Solutions relevant to the latest market requirements and technology trends. Upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore and empower your organisation with effective machine learning and headless technology.

Personalisation at its best

Sitecore has understood the significance of Personalisation and the Sitecore Developers are constantly working on improving Personalisation capabilities of Sitecore Solutions. Upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore and employ automation and personalisation to ensure delightful user experiences.


Leave behind the limitation of the Legacy System

With the latest upgrade of Sitecore, the platform is now completely reengineered and has none of its legacy code or server dependencies. Developed in the latest .NET technology, Sitecore is truly independent, flexible and advanced.

Latest Integrations

Since the latest versions of Sitecore Solutions are not dependent on their legacy servers, the platform has opened new gateways for seamless integrations and thus, it allows Sitecore to become a part of your Digital Ecosystem.


Intelligent, Cost-effective And Efficient

Upgrade to the latest version of Sitecore and you can make your digital platforms cloud based, capable of Personalisation Automation, efficient for omnichannel marketing and elimination of content crisis. Apart from that, all these features are available with complete customisation, faster go-to market and cost-effective solutions.