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Hire Sitecore Developers: Pros, Cons, Challenges & Alternatives

February 08, 2023
Hire Sitecore Developers: Pros, Cons, Challenges & Alternatives
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Sitecore is one of the most popular, and leading digital experience providers in the world. The platform is an enterprise level CMS also meant for e-commerce as well as marketing. It is famous for its robust and flexible architecture, user-friendly interface and the cutting-edge innovative features.

If you are looking to hire Sitecore developers, this blog is for you. Through this blog, you will understand the pros and cons as well as the challenges and alternatives that come with wanting to hire Sitecore developers.

When you want to find the right Sitecore developers for hire, it can be quite a challenge. Let us first understand the pros of hiring Sitecore developers.

Pros to getting the Best Sitecore Developers

1. You get technical expertise

One of the major advantages that comes with hiring the best Sitecore developers is their technical expertise in multiple domains and functions. Sitecore is a platform that requires a deep understanding of its architecture, development patterns and the deployment process.

When you hire Sitecore developers, you aren’t just getting anyone but the best of the best who possess the knowledge and experience required to deliver high-quality results and scalable solutions. This will also ensure that the specific needs of your organization will be met completely.

2. You get speed and efficiency

Another huge advantage of getting Sitecore developers for hire is that they have the ability to deliver high-quality projects in record time. They can quickly and efficiently get the work done due to their experience and expertise.

They have the technical expertise to identify as well as resolve the issues faster. This in turn reduces the overall time and cost of your project. Also, Sitecore developers have a thorough understanding of the platform making it easier for them to write clean and maintainable code that is very easy to upgrade or modify as per your changing needs.

3. You get access to the Sitecore community

Sitecore actually has a huge community with active developers in it. They are there to provide resources, support and assistance to the developers. When you hire Sitecore developers, you get access to this very community along with its vast wealth of knowledge.

This can prove to be a valuable source of help for you when you need to resolve issues or want to find a solution for complex problems.

4. You get improved productivity

Your overall productivity will also improve when you hire Sitecore developers. They have the ability to quickly identify and resolve issues which allows them and your team to focus on the other tasks or even core tasks.

Sitecore developers can also automate your tasks freeing up even more time for your team. They will work dedicatedly for your Sitecore project to bring quick results.

Cons of getting the best Sitecore developers

1. Cost of the developers

One of the major drawbacks of hiring Sitecore developers is the cost. They are highly skilled professionals that come with a premium salary expectation. It depends on their expertise and experiences but they can be quite expensive to hire even though they would be a very smart investment to the organization.

2. Availability is limited

Sitecore developers are limited. The demand of Sitecore developers is high in the market and the industry overall but their availability is scarce. This makes it a tad-bit difficult to find the right candidates.

3. Requires onboarding

Sitecore developers require to be trained and properly onboarded to your organization. This can be one time-consuming process and also cause your workflow to be delayed or slowed down. Your team may even need to invest their own time and resources for supporting your new hires.

Challenges to getting Sitecore developers for hire

1. Shortage of skilled talent

Sitecore is actually a niche platform which is why the pool of skilled Sitecore developers is also small. This makes it challenging to find the right candidate and the right fit for your business needs.

2. Major competition in the market

Because Sitecore is very popular, many companies are looking to hire Sitecore developers. This makes the competition really tough for you to find candidates.

3. High level of demand

Sitecore is in high demand and there is a growing need for digital solutions. This has led to increasing demand and potentially higher costs if you want to get the best Sitecore developers.

4. High level of expertise

Sitecore development is something that requires high level of technical expertise. This makes it difficult to find both skilled and experienced workers.

5. Advancement in Sitecore versions

Sitecore is constantly evolving and coming up with updates, new versions and advancements in its technology, products and services. This makes it difficult and challenging for the developers to stay updated with the latest for maintaining their expertise.

Alternatives to getting Sitecore developers for hire

Some of the major alternatives for you when you find it challenging to get Sitecore developers for hire is to get freelancers, remote teams or offshore teams, or build an in-house team. You can even work with Sitecore partners who are experienced in Sitecore development and have certified Sitecore developers.


Ultimately, getting Sitecore developers for hire is one of the wisest decisions you may take for your business. Even though they are high in demand, there is a reason behind it which is that they hold the expertise and will deliver exceptional solutions for your business.

Hiring Sitecore developers is a great way to get the most out of this brilliant platform and deliver personalized, extraordinary digital experiences to your customers. You can of course always check out the pros, cons, challenges and alternatives to take the decision.