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Leverage the power of Sitecore OrderCloud for your B2X business

Leverage the power of Sitecore OrderCloud for your B2X business

Create a dynamic platform for your eCommerce business using Sitecore OrderCloud and deliver
exceptional experiences for your customers.

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What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Created with a purpose to solve the most complex of business problems when it comes to B2B, B2C, B2X or eCommerce marketplace operations, Sitecore Order Cloud is perfect for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Grow any business model using the power of headless, API-first eCommerce architecture and ensure long-term success. Get limitless customizations and endless flexibility for this fast-paced, always changing market and scale your business to new heights.

What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Sitecore OrderCloud

We offer complete B2X platform development for any eCommerce business with
Sitecore OrderCloud.

  • Discovery call and analysis of requirements
  • Planning and designing architecture
  • Development and coding
  • Quality check and testing
  • Officially releasing the product
  • OrderCloud Support & Maintenance
Sitecore OrderCloud


For your eCommerce platform development with Sitecore OrderCloud, we will assign the best Sitecore OrderCloud Certified Developers. Apart from them, you will also be allocated a business analyst, a project manager as well as QA and DevOps engineers.

Unlock a better version of your eCommerce business!

Stand out amongst your competitors and get ahead in the game by using Sitecore OrderCloud for building your eCommerce platform.

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Sitecore Ordercloud

Key Features of Sitecore OrderCloud

Sitecore OrderCloud has a lot of functionalities and features to
offer for your eCommerce business.

Complete Customization

Build your business be it B2B, B2C, B2X, any business model with unique features and an A-To-Z customization. Sitecore OrderCloud allows you the freedom of customization as well as flexibility. You decide the design, the functions and the capabilities of your eCommerce platform. Give an enhanced experience to all your customers with personalized offerings and a smart user experience. This will ensure customer retention and increased footfalls for your platform.

Increased Scalability

For a business in the growth phase of its cycle, scalability is extremely important. With our OrderCloud services, you can build a platform that is scalable and can take on the growing numbers. Accommodate all of your increasing customers’ needs and internally as well as externally grow your business in the market.

Integration & Extensibility

Many complex eCommerce platforms require outside functions and extensibility such as merchant services, product indexing, shipping services, tax calculation, delivery networks, payment platforms, etc. Integrate all such third-party applications that will match all of these business needs through Sitecore OrderCloud. It also allows you to create independent functional components and also reduces the development time and ongoing maintenance while ensuring successful implementations.

Flexibility for the Future

Any business model, be it B2B, B2C, B2X, etc., the competition is very cut throat. Flexibility is required in a constantly changing, fast-paced market and Sitecore OrderCloud services allows you just that. Every business needs space to diversify its offerings and grow and scale. You can create a comprehensive, scalable and a flexible business platform for your infinite buyer types.

Better Order Management

For a marketplace business model, Order Management is one of the major aspects of conducting business. OrderCloud supports the various mixes of marketplaces that comes with sets of buyers, suppliers and customers. Start to finish, the ordering experience of the customer will be easy and smooth-going despite of the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.

Developer Friendly

OrderCloud is API-first and comes with headless integrations. By using any of the SDKs, the developers can easily access all of the domain. They want to drive the development process and build value which is provided in the Sitecore OrderCloud Services. It also provides a developer portal online for testing and interacting with APIs.

Cloud-native Infrastructure

When we build your platform using Sitecore OrderCloud Services, the implementations are on Microsoft Azure. The infrastructure is cloud-native which makes your platform highly flexible, responsive, and increases scalability to meet the heavy traffic spikes during prime time. Your customers will get a faster loading time on your platform and will keep their interests focused where it should be - which is on buying.

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One eCommerce platform with infinite possibilities to turn your customers into your biggest fans. 

Round-the-clock Support
Availability of support round the clock with backup and disaster recovery plan.
60+ Successful Projects
Our client reviews are testimonials to our successful deliverables and expertise.
95% Client Retention
Our retention ratio is 95% with a portfolio of clients from major industries.
Over 9 Years of Experience
We have been exclusively working on Sitecore for over 9 years.
OrderCloud Certified Team
A team of OrderCloud certified developers with successfully delivered implementation projects.


Cross-functional Expertise
Our team of dedicated developers are certified and skilled in different areas of technology.
Sitecore MVPs
We have 3 Sitecore MVPs who hold expertise and knowledge of Sitecore.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
With Addact, you will be assured of quality and timely deliverables of the services.
Experts at Upgradation
We pride ourselves on our great experience as well as expertise on Sitecore version upgradation.
Top Rated by Clutch
Addact is rated very highly on the B2B ratings and review platform clutch.


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