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What is Sitecore OrderCloud?

Created with a purpose to solve the most complex of business problems when it comes to B2B, B2C, B2X or eCommerce marketplace operations, Sitecore Order Cloud is perfect for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Grow any business model using the power of headless, API-first eCommerce architecture and ensure long-term success. Get limitless customizations and endless flexibility for this fast-paced, always changing market and scale your business to new heights.

Key Features of Sitecore OrderCloud

1. Complete Customization

Build your business be it B2B, B2C, B2X, any business model with unique features and an A-To-Z customization. Sitecore OrderCloud allows you the freedom of customization as well as flexibility. You decide the design, the functions and the capabilities of your eCommerce platform. Give an enhanced experience to all your customers with personalized offerings and a smart user experience. This will ensure customer retention and increased footfalls for your platform.

2. Increased Scalability

For a business in the growth phase of its cycle, scalability is extremely important. With our OrderCloud services, you can build a platform that is scalable and can take on the growing numbers. Accommodate all of your increasing customers’ needs and internally as well as externally grow your business in the market.

3. Integration & Extensibility

Many complex eCommerce platforms require outside functions and extensibility such as merchant services, product indexing, shipping services, tax calculation, delivery networks, payment platforms, etc. Integrate all such third-party applications that will match all of these business needs through Sitecore OrderCloud. It also allows you to create independent functional components and also reduces the development time and ongoing maintenance while ensuring successful implementations.

4. Flexibility for the Future

Any business model, be it B2B, B2C, B2X, etc., the competition is very cut throat. Flexibility is required in a constantly changing, fast-paced market and Sitecore OrderCloud services allows you just that. Every business needs space to diversify its offerings and grow and scale. You can create a comprehensive, scalable and a flexible business platform for your infinite buyer types.

5. Better Order Management

For a marketplace business model, Order Management is one of the major aspects of conducting business. OrderCloud supports the various mixes of marketplaces that comes with sets of buyers, suppliers and customers. Start to finish, the ordering experience of the customer will be easy and smooth-going despite of the complexity that goes on behind the scenes.

6. Developer Friendly

OrderCloud is API-first and comes with headless integrations. By using any of the SDKs, the developers can easily access all of the domain. They want to drive the development process and build value which is provided in the Sitecore OrderCloud Services. It also provides a developer portal online for testing and interacting with APIs.

7. Cloud-native Infrastructure

When we build your platform using Sitecore OrderCloud Services, the implementations are on Microsoft Azure. The infrastructure is cloud-native which makes your platform highly flexible, responsive, and increases scalability to meet the heavy traffic spikes during prime time. Your customers will get a faster loading time on your platform and will keep their interests focused where it should be - which is on buying.

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What you can get from Sitecore OrderCloud?


Management of Product, Orders & Vendors

An eCommerce business requires Vendor Management, Product Management, and Order Management. With Sitecore Order Cloud, you can manage end-to-end inventory, your website, your vendors, the order process that each customer goes through and streamline the overall process of business operations. This will lead to efficient operations, better customer experience and increased customer satisfaction.


Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

When you build your platform or upgrade it with OrderCloud Sitecore services, it becomes quicker and easier due to MACH Architecture. Thanks to its Microservices-based, API-first nature, headless integrations and the cloud-native infrastructure, individual pieces of business functions can be independently developed, deployed and managed. You can focus more on adding value to your business instead of time consuming and costly work. Your cost of ownership is drastically reduced due to this.


Faster Time to Market

Sitecore OrderCloud services help you with complex B2B, B2C, B2X, back-end functionality. This allows you to focus on creating the core user experience, the presentation and the implementation of your business. Thus, the time to market the business becomes quicker for you rather than waiting for a long time to launch.


World-class Security

Businesses, especially eCommerce ones are always dealing with huge amounts of data and customers. There is user data, vendor data, product data, and so many things involved. Security and safety become a must in this. Sitecore OrderCloud is audited annually for SOC Type 2 with HIPAA controls and is compliant with GDPR and CGPA, and facilitates PCI compliance for all the platforms and solutions that it offers.


Enterprise Readiness

In Sitecore OrderCloud, both software development as well as its delivery are cloud native. It is built to handle high performance and automatically scales as per the requirement of your business. The cloud-native architecture allows you custom integrations to your existing back-end systems and also enables your business to run on different channels such as web, mobile applications, even different devices as per the user preferences.


Headless Architecture

In Sitecore OrderCloud, you can create a completely new front-end infrastructure or use your existing front-end for integrations. You are given limitless freedom when it comes to customization without any risk on the performance of your platform. This is because of the headless architecture. It helps you extend your capabilities to web, mobile applications, social media, new devices, channels, and much more according to how your business evolves.



In an eCommerce platform, order process for customers such as selecting the product, adding to cart, buying, paying and checking out needs to be defined and formulated. Vendor management is also a whole different function that needs to be added. Sitecore OrderCloud simplifies these processes due to it being a multi-tenant platform. Multi-tenancy means that you can integrate your platform with multiple third-party applications, APIs, and services.

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Technical Head

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Sitecore Lead Developer

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Sitecore Developer

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