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Key Differences between Sitecore Versions 8, 9 and 10

December 7, 2022
Key Differences between Sitecore Versions 8, 9 and 10
Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head

Sitecore has become a global name and is one of the leading digital experience providers in the world today. They offer a CMS powered by .NET technology which is quickly gaining popularity as major brand names and fortune 500 companies are now using it, too.

This is why Sitecore is coming up with new versions and updates in order to provide new features, new functions and remove any and every limitation in each and every product. They are constantly evolving to bring advancement in their products and make the best use of new technologies.

Sitecore has completely removed any dependency on the legacy codes and are working on bringing out new features with each new version that they release to improve the user experience. They are also focusing more and more now on improving their personalization capabilities for creating an exceptional digital experience for the users.

Just like a software update is important, it is important that you get Sitecore Upgrade. They have come up with various versions for you such as Sitecore 8 Upgrade, Sitecore 9 Upgrade and Sitecore 10 Upgrade which is the latest version.

Let us first understand what perks you will be enjoying when you get Sitecore Upgrade.

Benefits of getting a Sitecore Upgrade

New stack of tech features

Upgrading means you get your website to freshen up and make it relevant for all of your customers. You are aligning the website with the current market trends and making it up to date. You get new capabilities, new features, and entirely new functionalities added while the older ones get improvised.

Improvements in personalization

One of the main goals or objectives of bringing new versions of Sitecore is to improvise the personalization capabilities. The market is now customer-centric and personalization is extremely important. This is why, Sitecore is aiming at making more customer-centric and user-friendly versions.

More independence and more flexibility

With each new upgrade, Sitecore has strived for making your websites more flexible. Along with that, efforts have been made to reduce and completely remove any dependency on the legacy codes. This will make the newer versions more convenient for the users.

Endless third-party integrations

When you get Sitecore upgradation done, you can inculcate Sitecore into your entire digital ecosystem and all your business functions. This allows you to integrate endless third-party platforms meant for your unique and multiple business requirements.

Refined and polished website architecture

Upgrading Sitecore ensures that you not only get new and additional features but refresh the existing ones. Your website architecture will be fixed, refined, and polished new. This makes it up to date and relevant for the current market trends.

Sitecore versions 8, 9 and 10 are all different than each other with improvements in all the editions. There are of course going to be major differences but each version is better than the previous one. Let us understand what each Sitecore Upgrade version has to offer.

Sitecore 8 Upgrade

Sitecore 8 Upgrade version includes major improvements made to UI as well as analytics. It consists of new experience profiles and advancements in content management. Sitecore 8 includes:

  • Improvements and changes in the content foundation
  • Publishing service support
  • Express migration support
  • Marketing funnels
  • New features in the Experience Editor
  • Content testing UI along with improvements
  • Improved Path Analyzer component
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator
Sitecore 9 Upgrade

The Sitecore 9 upgrade version is a big step forward as it includes xConnect services along with support options for storing xDB data. This version also has new features for Content Search. They have also added a new Forms module and made major enhancements in Experience Editor.

With the Sitecore 9 upgrade version, their main objective was to provide an easy-to-use solution accessible to developers, marketers, and also customers. Sitecore 9 includes:

  • Sitecore Experience Cloud
  • xConnect frameworks with direct integration to xDB
  • Sitecore Cortex
  • Sitecore Federated Authentication
  • Sitecore Forms (new module)
  • Enhanced SXA
  • Enhanced Experience Editor

Sitecore Upgrade has become cheaper and easier now where you can directly migrate from one version to another. For example, if you have Sitecore 8.1, you can directly skip the entire series and upgrade to Sitecore 9 version. This saves the extra effort, time and money that you would have otherwise spent.

Sitecore 10 Upgrade

Sitecore 10 is the latest version and honestly the best one yet. This version is all about optimization, digital transformation and bringing automation through AI. Sitecore 10 includes:

  • Custom CRM Integrations
  • Sitecore Content Hub Integration
  • Marketing automation
  • Horizon editor for marketers
  • Sitecore AI video support
  • Container support
  • Sitecore content serialization

Sitecore 10 comes with a lot of benefits such as a newly designed launchpad, an easier path for upgrading, an improvised editor for marketers, more flexibility for HTML caching, and an improved Sitecore forms module.


Sitecore will always come up with new versions for upgrade and for every new upgrade, they are striving to build a better version and bring more advancements, more features and more convenience for the users.

There are many key differences between the Sitecore 8 Upgrade, Sitecore 9 Upgrade and the Sitecore 10 Upgrade versions but the best one yet is always the latest one. Even if you hire a Sitecore Upgrade Service, their recommendation would be Sitecore 10.

Yet, any of these three Sitecore versions is ideal, suitable, and more recommended. Sitecore upgrade with either of these 3 versions is going to be very beneficial to your business.