Sitecore Module Development Service

Sitecore module development is to add a new feature to Sitecore. We have developed many Sitecore modules and those are very useful for the Sitecore community. It saves time to implement related feature in Sitecore project and solve a specific business need.


Sitecore SXA Blog and News Module 1.0

  • Create authors with complete profile.
  • Author wise blog creation.
  • Experience editor friendly.
  • OOTB component-based architecture.
  • Blog with multiple category and tags.
  • Search based on categories, tags and authors.
  • SEO friendly tags for every blogs.
  • Social media sharing.
  • Able to create news.
  • Blog list page with category and sub categories.
  • Related blogs.
  • Extendable design.
User Guide

SocialConnect Features

  • Post or Tweet on your Facebook Page and/or Twitter Application.
  • Connect to your multiple Facebook Page Accounts and Twitter Account Applications.
  • Manage and Submit Posts on Single Page.
  • You can view post status and remove post.
  • Schedule your Post or Tweet for future.
  • Post Statistics, you can view like, comments and share counts.
  • Setup Campaign and see analytics for Campaign.

CloudConnect Features

  • “Sync Media” button in publish section where Sitecore user manually sync the item from Sitecore to AWS CDN. This feature is useful when some clients want to integrate CDN in Sitecore at that time sync all media to CDN. We are giving two option for here. One for sync “Current item” and another for “Current item with child”.
  • “Clear Cache” button in publish section where Sitecore user clear the CDN cache from Sitecore itself. No requirement to go to the AWS console and remove the particular image cache or all website cache. Here we are giving two option for clearing cache one for individual item and another for remove all item cache.
  • Configurable checkbox for enable or disable CDN integration.
Technical Guide

Content Translate Features

  • “Content Translate” button provide facility to translate content from Sitecore Admin.
  • Simple button click will create desired language version The base English language version will be translated to any desired language version.
  • Easy to use interface integrated with Google Translate API.
  • Reduce copy editing and entry time by 50%. Focus on approvals and compliance.
  • Reduce copy approval and publish time by 30%.
Technical Guide

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