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Everything new with Sitecore Send

October 25, 2023
Everything new with Sitecore Send
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Sitecore is constantly evolving and coming up with updates and new features to bring ease in your brand’s journey. The team of Sitecore Send has consistently launched new integrations, functionalities and capabilities to gear your business towards enriching the user experience and creating seamless connections.

You are already aware of the perks of creating automated email campaigns through Sitecore Send but in this blog, we will explore what new things they have to offer.

Sitecore Send on Cloud Portal

Sitecore Send has emerged as a dynamic force in the evolving digital marketing landscape and has redefined the way businesses approach email marketing, campaigns as well as customer relationship management and customer engagement.

Sitecore Cloud Portal is the command center for managing the Sitecore DXP experience. It plays the role of an admin hub to help your organization efficiently manage team members and product access.

Customers and partners who have purchased the Sitecore XM Cloud will easily gain access to this. The existing owners can even extend an invite also to new members, directly through the portal.

Sitecore Send and Content Hub DAM

This fusion is a game-changer to help empower users for gaining direct access to the DAM’s image database. This integration helps you incorporate images into campaigns or seamlessly adding them into the repository of Send’s campaigns.

Whether you are crafting a newsletter, designing a website landing page, or embellishing Gmail annotations with featured images, this feature stands as your artistic gateway. This tool helps you with:

  • Checking out recent images
  • Uploading images stores on the local device
  • Seamlessly integrating online imagery and direct links
  • Extending social media options
Sitecore Send and Connect

This integration serves as a bridge between Send and a diverse range of applications to help you seamlessly facilitate data transfers transcending traditional boundaries. You get to open up a whole universe of connectivity with the dynamic capabilities of Sitecore Connect.

You can effortlessly integrate Send with external applications to allow smooth data transfers including popular platforms such as Facebook.

Commence your integration journey with the aid of the inventive templates provided by Sitecore Connect. These templates serve as structured blueprints, empowering you to design triggers and actions that revolve around your subscriber base. Whether you are crafting a template triggered by a Send-trigger or one initiated by a Send-action, you retain full authority to mold these connections in alignment with your specific requirements.

As the bridge between Sitecore Connect and Sitecore Send comes into focus, a realm of connectivity with third-party applications reveals itself. This integration establishes the groundwork for a multitude of creative applications.

Achieving the CSA Certification

Acquiring the CSA certification entails meeting rigorous technical and legal standards that closely align with the criteria set by mailbox providers and adhere to the latest regulatory requirements.

As Sitecore enthusiastically declares their attainment of the CSA certification it significantly enhances the legitimacy and reliability of the emails being sent to your cherished audience.

We have also discussed the Audience Discovery feature that Sitecore launched last year.

Improvements to Conditional Visibility & Text Editor

Sitecore Send has made remarkable improvements in Conditional Visibility and Text Editor features with new personalization powers, and the ability to craft campaigns tailored specifically for each individual. You can incorporate up to 10 conditions per layout to orchestrate the display of campaign sections and ensure that the audience sees precisely what you meant them to.


Sitecore Send continues to evolve and innovate, introducing new features and enhancements that empower businesses to enrich the user experience and create seamless connections with their audience.

We saw some key highlights such as Sitecore Send with Cloud Portal, Sitecore Send and Content Hub DAM, Sitecore Send and Connect, CSA Certification, Audience Discovery, and Improvements to Conditional Visibility & Text Editor.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, Sitecore Send remains at the forefront, empowering businesses to create compelling, personalized, and effective marketing campaigns.

With these latest advancements and features, organizations can look forward to greater flexibility, enhanced user experiences, and improved control over their digital marketing strategies. As Sitecore continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, businesses can harness these innovations to stay ahead in the competitive digital marketing landscape.