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What is Sitecore Send’s Audience Discovery?

December 12, 2022
What is Sitecore Send’s Audience Discovery?
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Sitecore with its latest release called Sitecore Send has opened new doors for email marketing campaigns and empowering marketers when it comes to providing highly personalized digital experiences to the customers.

When given the right tools, Sitecore believes that companies can unlock huge potential and leverage those capabilities to deliver powerful experiences. Just like that, with the Sitecore Send, they intend to provide the marketers with new capabilities when it comes to email marketing.

Let us first understand Sitecore Send before jumping into the discussion of a feature within it – Audience Discovery.

What is Sitecore Send?

Sitecore Send is a tool that helps you build long-lasting customer relationships through customer-centric messaging. It allows you to automate your email engagements for fostering long-term relationships with high-value clients.

What can you do with Sitecore Send? You can manage and scale email campaigns effortlessly that too with the power of automation. This will allow you to make an impact and also get your brand much closer to your customers.

Through Sitecore Send,

  • You can send pixel-perfect emails quickly.
  • You can get simple ecosystem integrations.
  • You can get powerful real-time analytics.
  • You can provide experiences driven by AI.
  • You can implement commerce automation.
  • You can understand your customers and earn their trust.

What can Sitecore Send do? Provide AI-driven experiences, allow you to run quick email campaigns, allow you to track your work faster and better, allow you to run your campaigns on auto-pilot and most importantly, help you in increasing brand loyalty.

Introduction to Audience Discovery

Companies around the globe are now investing more and more towards personalization and customer-centric approach. They understand that a customer feeling a connection with a brand is the key to earning their trust and building a revenue.

When done right, e-commerce personalization can turn your casual shoppers into repeating, loyal customers. It can energize your existing customer share in the market and improve the chances of increasing new customers.

Marketers have to just find different groups of people to target based on the different stages they are at in the sales funnel. By identifying the relevant segments correctly, email marketing campaigns can be built specifically catered to the preferences of each group.

This is where Audience Discovery becomes useful. Sitecore Send has used advanced filter applications, and different Machine Learning methods to build an innovative way of discovering segments of audience automatically. All this is according to the different interests of your customers.

Sitecore Send’s Audience Discovery is driven by AI and is a very powerful features that resides in the Audience Tab of the product. Through this feature, you can get colored tags for filtering and enhance your existing use cases.

Extreme targeting as well as providing super relevant content are what’s at the heart of Audience Discovery. Personalization makes a huge impact when it comes to email campaigns. It helps even the marketers when they need to get through the clutter and send emails that make the subscriber or the receiver feel like it was crafted specifically for them.

How to use Audience Discovery?

Through the Audience Discovery, you can identify:

  • The customers who are interested in specific brands.
  • The customers who are more likely to buy.
  • The customers position in the sales funnel.

All of this can be identified based on their interactions with your website. If you have already kept your website connected to Sitecore Send, you can track the interaction of your website visitors with the different products and be able to use Audience Discovery immediately.

There are two ways you can use Audience Discovery.

  1. Colored AI Tags

    You can put up colored-AI tags next to each member of your website’s emailing list. These tags will help you in filtering your contacts very conveniently. You can select them, perform actions and set specific workflows through automation. You can also build customized segments based on the tags and manage your audience.

  2. New Segmentation Criteria

    You can define specific audience subsets within the email lists for personalizing your email campaigns. The discovery tags are turned by Sitecore Send into criteria for segmentation so you can achieve real-time segmentation and get predictions on user intent.

Why Audience Discovery?

Audience Discovery was specifically created for marketers and ecommerce. It provides endless possibilities and helps marketers in achieving their goals faster. Sitecore Send’s Audience Discovery is there to help you make stronger connections with your customers and unlock a new level of email campaigns.

Through the Audience Discovery feature, you can create targeted campaigns, monitor the popularity of your product, increase conversions, identify opportunities that are profitable, and also increase your brand penetration.


Sitecore Send is a brilliant product of Sitecore that was launched to make email marketing easier, efficient and more effective. Through this latest feature of Audience Discovery, you will be able to empower your email campaigns and build better connections through AI and increased capabilities.