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Top reasons why Sitecore Personalize is the best alternative to Google Optimize

May 04, 2023
Top reasons why Sitecore Personalize is the best alternative to Google Optimize
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Sitecore Personalize and Google Optimize are two popular personalization tools used by businesses for optimizing their websites. They assist these businesses in providing better user experiences, getting more engagement, and increasing their conversion rates.

Now that Google Optimize is shutting down in September 2023, customers need a provider that will help them with web experimentation, personalization and other features like Google Optimize.

In this blog, we will understand how Sitecore Personalize is the perfect alternative. Let us first understand what Google Optimize has been providing so far.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 are two freemium web A/B testing tools of Google that allow businesses to run experiments aimed at helping online marketers in increasing engagement, reach and conversion along with enhancing the overall visitor satisfaction.

Although Google Optimize has given many brands a great place when it comes to starting web experimentation, it is shutting down this September. This where, users will start looking for alternatives and substitute options and this is where Sitecore Personalize comes in.

What is Sitecore Personalize?

Powered by machine learning, Sitecore Personalize provides businesses with tools and capabilities for building personalized experiences at scale. Through this platform, you can optimize each and every interaction that a user has on your website and deliver stunning personalized experiences across multiple channels.

Sitecore Personalize was designed to help businesses and brands for creating relevant and impactful user experiences. Personalize brings a lot of capabilities of Google Optimize along with A/B testing features, and the power of continuous optimization.

Why should you go for Sitecore Personalize?

Advanced A/B testing

Using the capabilities of A/B testing, you can experiment for getting your conversion rates and engagement increased. You can experiment on multiple channels with both the client-side and server-side integrations.

The A/B testing of Sitecore Personalize lets you optimize every element of your brand’s digital presence.

World-class personalization

You can create relevant, digital experiences for your customers at every moment. You can have real-time personalization and connect those through every customer’s journey. Sitecore Personalize helps you personalize every digital interaction that the user makes with your brand.

Digital decisioning

Digital decisioning, aka, drag-and-drop decisioning is one of the cool features provided by Sitecore Personalize. You get to set the rules, and let the system use real-time context for deciding what offers or actions to take next.

This feature is driven by AI and combines customer data, business data and real-time context for intelligent decisions. This would result in more relevance for your customers and better returns for your business.

Full-stack optimization

Using Sitecore Personalize, you can run the experimentation across all your tech stack. You can conduct experiments for conversion and engagement on any channel. This way, you can drive optimization along with personalized user experiences across your entire ecosystem.

Lightning-fast performance

Sitecore Personalize is a part of Sitecore’s composable SaaS portfolio which means it is MACH-compatible, microservice-based, cloud-native and also API-first. This is just like all the products of Sitecore are.

It is faster, more agile and lets you deliver personalized, digital, user experience rapidly. It also allows you to experiment in real-time.

Real-time customer understanding

Through Sitecore Personalize, you can capture as well as leverage the customer data and their behaviour patterns continuously. Even customer intent data is captured from all digital channels.

This allows you to get an understanding of your customers in real-time which in result leads to providing you with the capability of being able to conduct real-time experimentation.

In-the-moment marketing

In-moment marketing is one of the major reasons why customers are awestruck and choose to stay with you. This is possible because Sitecore Personalize allows you to trigger marketing messages and act in real-time in response to the customers’ activities and interactions with your brand.

How to switch to Sitecore Personalize?

Switching to Sitecore Personalize is easy and simple. Especially if you are already an existing Google Optimize user, it is a piece of cake to get used to Sitecore Personalize and get it up and running.

Sitecore Personalize comes with:

  • A fast set up process
  • Easy integrations
  • Exclusive offers

A fast set up process

With the drag-and-drop decisioning method along with support from partners, you can set up tests and experimentation in Sitecore Personalize quickly, even sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Easy integrations

Just like all the composable products of Sitecore, Personalize is also composable, API-first and cloud-native. You can very effortlessly integrate it with Sitecore’s SaaS portfolio or any third-party tools that you wish to add.

Exclusive offers

Businesses who switch to Sitecore Personalize are being offered exclusive offers by Sitecore itself. You can even speak with our team of Sitecore experts to learn more about it.

Let’s now compare the two!

Comparison between Sitecore Personalize and Google Optimize
Sitecore Personalize Google Optimize
A/B testing Yes No
Client-side and server-side integrations Yes No
Interactive personalization Yes No
Decisioning Yes No
Trigger messaging Yes No
Web design Yes No
Comprehensive developer documentation Yes No
Powerful integrations Yes No
Live monitoring Yes No
Analytics Yes No
Quality assurance Yes No
Set up and track goals Yes No

These are the capabilities that are additionally provided by Sitecore Personalize which makes it one of the perfect alternatives for you to choose when Google Optimize shuts down.

What can Sitecore Personalize do?
  • Sitecore Personalize helps businesses exceed targets to unlock at least 10% growth.
  • It helps in increasing the net promoter score by 60%.
  • Online engagement and conversions are increased by 40% and 50% respectively.
How can you implement this solution?

We will help you with implementing Sitecore Personalize for your brand and assist you in fully utilizing the power of this tool.

With its comprehensive capabilities and the range of advantages, this versatile platform is a much better option for you to choose now that Google Optimize is shutting down. Choose wisely for your brand, choose Sitecore Personalize.