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Top 4 Smart Mover Strategies by Sitecore to dominate digital moments

June 30, 2023
Top 4 Smart Mover Strategies by Sitecore to dominate digital moments
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

In this blog, we will explore how you can stand out and stay ahead of the competition in four major strategic areas for your business as described by Sitecore.

1. Technology Strategy

Technology is the path towards your customers especially when it comes to scaling your efforts and building a unique brand experience. It is important that you adapt to the advanced tech stack and evolve with the evolving customer needs, demands, preferences and market trends.

There will be lengthy implementations, clunky integrations, failed proof of concepts, and even challenges and roadblocks. When you are designing a growth plan, you need to take the smart-mover approach and build a flexible tech stack that is open to change. You will only then be able to add more capabilities to it, add new solutions that are next-gen and achieve faster ROI.

If your software is preventing you from moving forward your digital initiatives, you need to identify the gaps and the challenges in the overall brand experience and address them through challenging, bold decisions.

You have to rethink your entire stack of digital experience solutions and ensure improved customer experience.

Instead of making predictions about the next big thing, focus on preparing your brand for demands and market trends that have started arising to empower your marketing and developer teams. Leverage new technologies without replacing the existing processes.

Develop a strategy in such a way that you can bring a pathway to flexible technologies like headless APIs, cloud-based SaaS as well as composable solutions to your portfolio.

Also, never forget to ensure that you create customer experiences that are user-friendly and impactful.

Recommended solutions for this strategy are:

  • Sitecore XM Cloud
  • Sitecore OrderCloud
  • Sitecore Content Hub One
2. Experience Strategy

This strategy is meant to eliminate internal communication barriers and to help empower your teams for delivering uninterrupted customer experiences. If your teams are struggling, then you won’t be able to create unique and delightful customer experiences.

When you standardize workflows for planning, content creation, and management, you will be able to make informed decisions about your content strategy. Identify where your teams are encountering roadblocks or friction and see how they are collaborating across multiple systems.

Also, when it comes to global brands, they have to deliver digital experiences consistently across multiple regions with relevancy to each of those regions. When you enable your teams to create content from one centralized point of operation, it will help you create a consistent flow that will also align with your brand guidelines.

Your brand must capture and connect the first-party data for your teams to shape tailor-made experiences as well as create offers that are personalized and based on the one-on-one customer interactions that you have had.

Increasing customer touchpoints does not necessarily mean you have to create more content. It means you have to play smartly, reuse your content, and eliminate the need to create channel-specific content.

Recommended solutions for this strategy are:

  • Sitecore Content Hub Operations
  • Sitecore CDP
3. Content Strategy

When you organize your brand’s content on a single platform, your teams can work from one single digital location and ensure that your work aligns with your brand’s identity.

This will bring smart, efficient and effective content creation, and greater ease of collaboration. The more your brand commits to its content journey, the better will be the results.

Create a single source of all digital assets for your organization and make it easier for your teams to find those assets. This will ensure that new project creation for your teams will reduce, and they will be able to reuse and repurpose the content for global or local campaigns and spend more time working on it rather than wasting time locating and tracking down content.

Every customer has a journey. Your brand must take into consideration that they need to be consistent in delivering these experiences as well as advance the personalization efforts. A centralized system for content prepares your brand for greater success.

Recommended solutions for this strategy are:

  • Sitecore Content Hub DAM
4. Data Strategy

Customers will remember the times you have remembered them. But, in order to deliver experiences that are memorable requires data collection. Customers will stick around if they see content that interests them.

Smart data capturing and real-time experience delivery are required both for tailor-making content for each moment for the customer.

Content is more successful when it is being backed by real data. You need to understand your customers first, build trust, and create user profiles to define each customers’ persona. Also, you need to be transparent with your customers about the benefits of the information they are providing you with.

Once this process has started, you will get a 360-degree view of your customers. You can create detailed customer profiles and drive insights that will help you with your strategy.

Along with that, your teams can leverage AI and automated processes to create personalization and optimize customer journeys.

Recommended solutions for this strategy are:

  • Sitecore CDP
  • Sitecore Personalize
  • Sitecore Search

When it comes to marketing and unique digital experiences, Sitecore provides a variety of tools, products and solutions for brands to empower their customers’ digital journeys. You may check out our Sitecore blogs to find out more about these solutions and products.