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Top 3 ways to meet customers’ changing content needs in 2023

February 07, 2023
Top 3 ways to meet customers’ changing content needs in 2023
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

The digital world is constantly evolving and along with it, so is the behavior and buying patterns of the customers. But what is the one thing that remains unchanged and constant? A rewarding customer experience. Customer experience no matter the market condition needs to be exceptional.

How can you do that? Through extraordinary content and marketing strategies.

There are a lot of upcoming and new technologies bringing advancement to marketing teams of all sizes for helping them manage their content. These technologies are also strengthening and increasing the customer engagement through enhanced customer experiences.

Through these solutions, the content creators are enabled to work alongside the IT teams on a unified platform for building assets for marketing. These content creators can also get those marketing assets live on the websites really quickly.

There are other tech solutions as well that can help the customers navigate the websites smoothly for locating whatever content it is that they are seeking on their preferred channels in their choice of formats.

What are the 3 ways to meet the ever-changing content needs of the customers?

  • Provide a good CX (Customer Experience)

  • Power up your search offerings with AI

  • Ensure easy integration

Provide a good CX (Customer Experience)

Many times, small or mid-sized organizations may flinch at the prospect of having a fully integrated marketing tech stack implemented. There were also many misconceptions about how IT and Marketing resources will be required to implement and maintain the platforms that needed to be launched. Another misunderstanding was that they will have to manage the CS across all digital channels from web, mobile, to voice assistants and smart displays.

For these small or mid-sized organizations, the Content Hub Platform can actually help as the nerve center of their content program. It is a single platform on which the entire team of developers can build frameworks for Customer Experience (CX) as well as content creators can simultaneously create content. It seems like a far-fetched idea but it's not impossible as this platform exists.

There is also the headless CMS Content Hub One that provides the marketing teams a low-risk way for beginning to deliver extraordinary digital experiences to their customers.

Through the cloud-based CMS Content Hub One, organizations can create assets and content, manage those assets and deliver a stellar experience to the customers in a very simple yet agile way. This allows the customers to navigate and locate the information they are seeking and also ensures that they have the most accurate and current information.

Power up your search offerings with AI

Even the best of the best content in the whole world can be useless and worthless if it is not there in front of the right customers at the right time. This is why marketing and SEO is also needed. Of course, all brands wish and try to increase their website page rankings organically, many businesses underestimate and overlook the power of the search function on their website.

Customers have short attention spans and are quick to switch and jump to a different site if they can’t find what they are looking for. This is why the discovery of the content and the search functionality are imperative for brands now more than ever.

AI-powered search is one of the most sought-after components that brands add to their websites. One of the examples if Sitecore Search which supports the search as well as discovery in a wide range of content formats.

Using the Sitecore Search, you can empower your marketing teams with intelligent and smart search solutions that makes the content personalized. This way, the content that is displayed is presented in a way to reflect and match the customer needs.

The “Type ahead” functionality in the AI-powered search component enables the customers to locate results quickly.

Ensure easy integration

When there are low-code and no-code interfaces as solutions which allow the integration of platforms such as Content Hub One or Sitecore Search, organizations can benefit greatly.

There is another product Sitecore Connect, that allows you to connect Sitecore products with your CRMs, digital commerce, customer support and other IT solutions in your business tech stack.

When you are considering a marketing tech platform, you have to ask the vendors:

  • Is this platform going to be flexible?

  • How difficult is it going to be to maintain this product?

  • Does it match the budget?


It is a continuous process to stay on top of all the latest trends and innovations in the industry. Using the products of Sitecore, you can have tools and platforms that allow you to stay ahead of all the customer buying patterns, trends in the market and the industry and be capable of delivering positive customer experiences.