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Sitecore Content Hub DAM Vs Sitecore Content Hub One

March 15, 2023
Sitecore Content Hub DAM Vs Sitecore Content Hub One
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Sitecore has two major products which are the Sitecore Content Hub DAM and Sitecore Content Hub One. Both products are similar in name, but both are different. Each has different and unique capabilities, features and functions, yet when put together, both can be used side by side for giving your customers the best digital experience.

In this blog, we will learn in detail about the Sitecore Content Hub DAM and its benefits, then more about the new product Sitecore Content Hub One and its benefits. We will also analyze the difference between these two products and see how they can be beneficial when put together.

Sitecore Content Hub DAM

Sitecore Content Hub DAM is a digital asset management system that helps you in centralizing all of your media assets in a single hub. This allows you to deliver all of it to any customer touchpoint as every piece of information, media library and content is stored in one single place or location.

Sitecore Content Hub DAM will be useful to you if you are:

  • Looking to manage your expanded market over different channels.

  • Looking to organize and clean up a mess of media and assets.

  • Looking to reduce wastage of time when trying to find final versions of your work.

  • Looking for a collaboration tool and not be dependent on email.

  • Looking for an easy way to share content internally and externally.

  • Looking to orchestrate personalized experiences using the power of AI.

Some of the major perks and benefits which can be leveraged by your business when it comes to Sitecore Content Hub DAM are:

  • You get a single, centralized hub for storing your marketing assets all in one place.

  • You can integrate this DAM system with your content management system.

  • You can enhance your content marketing platform and collab with multiple work streams.

  • You can also use smart templates provided by the content hub for personalized content.

  • You can integrate InDesign, Photoshop as well as Illustrator.

  • You also save a lot of time and reduce the time to market.

  • You can also integrate it with JavaScript SDKs.

Sitecore Content Hub One

Sitecore has newly launched the Sitecore Content Hub One at its annual event Sitecore Symposium 2022. Content Hub One is a pureplay, headless CMS and it is one of the latest additions to the Sitecore Content Cloud.

Content Hub One was designed to empower the marketers and developers and its platform’s simple UI enables marketers to create and update content independently and frequently with ease and allows the developers to focus on building customer experiences.

Some of the major benefits of the Sitecore Content Hub One are:

  • You can create dynamic content models that fit a variety of channels.

  • Content authoring is made effortless and smooth making the process simplified.

  • You can even reuse the omnichannel content on different mediums.

  • The marketing team gets independence without having to be dependent on the developers.

Let us take a look at the major benefits of Sitecore Content Hub one individually for marketers and developers!

Benefits for Marketers Benefits for Developers
Content authoring made easy for marketers and content creators. Fits perfectly with your organization's unique stack and architecture.
The publishing process is faster, making it easier for them to expand campaigns. It allows the developers to work quickly in their choice of frameworks and coding languages.
Content can be reused on channels such as web, app, kiosk or voice assistants. This one also removes hiring obstacles, and you can search for talent beyond the niche CMS experts.
Working independently helps get content faster to the market, improves site performance and SEO and enhances your marketing capabilities. You can cut down on the tech debt by separating the presentation from the code.
What’s the difference between Content Hub DAM and Content Hub One?

You might wonder at first when you hear about the Content Hub One that it might be a new version or an added functionality to the already existing product Sitecore Content Hub DAM. But if you analyze properly, you will realize they are not the same.

The origin of Content Hub One did come from the Content Hub DAM but both of these are products of their own and very distinguished at that. Here, both these products can be independently used. According to Sitecore, Content Hub One is a product that will work as an entry point or a touch point for customers.

In laymen terms, Content Hub DAM is a centralized hub for story media library and digital assets whereas the Content Hub One is a CMS that will allow you to create, manage and build content and websites but with the power of Content Hub DAM which can be used together with this.


Sitecore Content Hub DAM is a product which helps the marketers to store and quickly be able to find everything with a single click.

Sitecore Content Hub One is a product that helps marketers reduce their dependency on developers and build powerful campaigns.

Both these products are brilliant and go hand in hand with each other to empower the marketing of your business.