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Simplify your Search: The top benefits of Sitecore Search

March 13, 2023
Simplify your Search: The top benefits of Sitecore Search
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

In this blog, we will understand about one of Sitecore’s latest launches, Sitecore Search in detail and how it can benefit your business by simplifying the search feature for your brand.

Let us start by getting to know more about Sitecore Search.

What is Sitecore Search?

Launched in Sitecore Symposium 2022, Sitecore Search is made to quickly deliver faceted site search experiences to the customers in order to raise ranking results. Sitecore Search comes after Sitecore acquired Reflektion Technology to give exceptional search experiences to users.

Sitecore Search is powered by AI, holds the ability to predict user search intent and makes the search experience personalized through individualized results. A fully SaaS-based solution, it also includes the following:

Customer Engagement Console: Analytics, tests, configurations, and more

Search and Recommendations: AI-based REST API for search queries

Event Service: REST API for collecting interactions

So, how is Sitecore Search different, unique and better?

Sitecore Search is enhanced by the engineering team behind Sitecore Discover. You may think of Sitecore Search as Discover 2.0 when it comes to content.

Sitecore Search was a natural fit for the website of Sitecore also as it doesn’t specifically need a B2C commerce website for providing personalized results. Also, it adapts to the actions of the visitors to provide real-time recommendations and personalization.

What are the benefits of Sitecore Search?

1. Fast and predictive

As the users are typing, you can provide suggestions there with the relevant content. When the user is typing, with each letter, they can get multiple, relevant options that are personalized and cater specifically to that particular individual.

This also helps the customers find what they were searching for without having to even type the whole thing. This is convenient and of assistance to the customers and speeds up their journey.

2. Elevated content

Through this tool and the power of AI, you can even learn the customer purchase intent. You can track their journeys in real-time and understand their patterns for predicting their coming purchases.

3. Controlled experience

Using the APIs and the components that come with Sitecore Search, you can seamlessly embed the content search and add navigation and promotion for any sites of your choice.

4. Deep content insights

You can go beyond the everyday metrics when it comes to Sitecore Search. You can use keywords and themes for measuring user engagement on your content.

5. Multi-lingual search

Sitecore Search supports multiple languages for you to cater to your audience from different regions and geographies. This also allows you to simplify the management of your business in various locations.

How can you implement Sitecore Search?

First of all, to implement Sitecore Search, you need to configure the Sitecore Search Crawler. Some of the key things to consider for this are:

1. Firewall

There can be many firewalls and security measures in place on your website which needs to be adjusted for the Sitecore Search crawler to access your site.

2. Crawl rate

You need to consider the rate at which the crawler visits your entire website. When you run a site-wide crawl against the pre-production environment, it gives you a baseline for how long it will take for a full crawl.

3. Multi-lingual

Sitecore Search can support multiple languages that go with your website to give a smooth experience to your customers.

4. Faceting

Embedding meta tags on every page of your website helps in faceting. This makes it easier for the Sitecore Search crawler and makes the process faster.

After doing the above-mentioned steps is when you can start the planning and then the development for implementing Sitecore Search in your website.

What can you measure from Sitecore Search?

After implementing the Sitecore Search, you must keep an eye on Click-through rates and Search Conversions for some of the key search terms. Let us take the example of Sitecore itself.

One month after going live with the Sitecore Search implemented on their official website, they saw results.

50% visitors increased that is they are returning double the amount of content on the visitors on some of their top keywords.

There was a 25% increase in the click-through rate which says that they are providing more relevant results and scannable results.

Sitecore Search has also unlocked 5+ new capabilities such as real-time personalization, PDF indexing, questions and answers, recommendation widgets, and advanced conversion reporting.

Sitecore Search is built to give the marketers a unified system that delivers hyper-relevant content using the power of AI. You can simplify your search, add personalization and provide the customers with an exceptional experience when surfing your website using the Sitecore Search.