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Offshore vs Onshore dedicated developer teams: how to choose?

January 25, 2023
Offshore vs Onshore dedicated developer teams: how to choose?
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

The industry is booming as software development is a necessity for businesses. One of the ways that businesses go for is the offshore and onshore dedicated development teams. They outsource their requirements and hand over the reins to a new team that will actually handle the project better and well.

Major organizations now want to hire Sitecore developers. It is a major plus-point for businesses as there is an increasing demand for the best Sitecore developers in the current market. But, how do you make an informed decision whether to go for offshore or onshore when it comes to your Sitecore software development?

In this blog, you will understand the meaning as well as the characteristics of both offshore as well as onshore dedicated developer teams to get a better perspective of what your business requires. Let us understand in detail one by one.

Offshore dedicated developer team

An offshore dedicated developer team refers to any remote, mobile or custom software development team that you outsource your project to. They can be situated within or outside the boundaries of your country and you avail their services for software development.

If you are looking for Sitecore development, you can get Sitecore developers for hire to fulfill your business requirements through outsourcing.

What are the benefits of an offshore developer team?

The major benefits of an offshore developer team are:

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Global talent pool

  • Round-the-clock work

  • Long-term maintenance

  • Less red-tape

Highly cost-effective

When outsourcing to an offshore developer team, you don’t have to worry about the costs of getting an office, getting them onboarded, training, and their expenses. A remote team will work from their locations without having you bear all the above-mentioned costs.

Global talent pool

Different countries have a vast pool of skilled and talented individuals for your software development needs. For an example, if you are looking for Sitecore developers, India is one such country where you can hire the best team of dedicated Sitecore developers for your project and get a huge pool of certified developers.

When you open your gates to hiring offshore developer teams, you give opportunity to vast amounts of different people and skills to help you with your project.

Round-the-clock work

Having an offshore team means that you get the advantage of time-zones which in turn means that you get round-the-clock people working. Sometimes developers work in rotational shifts for 24 hours giving you the advantage of faster production.

An offshore developer team has more manpower for them to be able to provide 24x7 production and this will get you a project delivered swiftly.

Long-term maintenance

It is very difficult to maintain software with more than you are able to afford. It is unwise and impractical to maintain the software or the application by keeping someone on the payroll for this one specific need. Outsourcing the needs of your projects to an offshore developer team makes it much easier for you to maintain these softwares or apps.

Whenever it is needed, the offshore developer teams can bring maintenance and support due to their access to varying skills and talent.

Less red-tape

When you hire an offshore developer team, you don’t have to worry about the compliance with the labor laws, regulations, or bureaucratic red-tape. The offshore teams provide you with a comprehensive cost that includes everything from their end including complying with the laws and regulations and following all protocols.

Onshore dedicated developer team

An onshore dedicated developer team refers to any development team that you hire in your own country. It means there is a physical presence of the dedicated developer team on your premises to offer you their services.

What are the benefits of an onshore developer team?

The major benefits of an onshore developer team are:

  • Real-time collaboration

  • Effective communication

  • Fewer iterations

  • No language barrier

  • Understanding of the local market

Real-time collaboration

Having a local team working for you at your premises means that you can have face-to-face and real-time collaboration. You get to have in-person interactions and meetings with the team and it is easier to build relationships with the outsourced team.

Effective communication

The communication with an onshore development team is clear and smooth. It is critical because it ensures that the teams and business, both of them are on the same page and the goals and requirements are not only conveyed properly but also interpreted right.

Fewer iterations

With an onshore developer team, you can work side by side with them making it easier for you to achieve quality results as there is excellent communication. There is quickness and promptness in delivering messages and with that, faster results are achieved.

No language barrier

When you hire an onshore developer team from your own country, the language barrier goes away. This makes it easier for both the teams to collaborate and understand everything.

Understanding of the local market

With an onshore developer team, there comes an understanding of the culture and the local market. They know how it works, what is the way of doing things and understand your market better.


When looking for a team of dedicated developers for your business, you have many different options. Two of them include offshore and onshore dedicated developer teams.

If you are looking for Sitecore developers for hire and want to choose either of the offshore or onshore development teams, you have to first identify your business needs. Once the business needs or requirements are listed down, you can make an informed decision about which outsourcing model is suited for your business.