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JSS application feature was not registered with Sitecore

April 05, 2023
JSS application feature was not registered with Sitecore
Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head

Sitecore provides a schema for items by default (also allowing you to query items from the content tree) as well as Search (which allows you to query items through the Search) on which you can write your own queries.

To check that, you can open the GraphQL editor.

(https://domain+/sitecore/api/graph/edge/ui) provides sc_apikey in the header. On the right side of the editor you will be able to see schemas.


Now, you have to check this data in the layout API. Sitecore JSON rendering usually provides a GraphQL editor so you can write your queries to get the data as per your needs and requirements. You can see the GraphQL editor as is show in the below image.


When you will try to open the GraphQL editor from there, sometimes you can also get the below mentioned error.

  1. To resolve this, you can keep in mind a few steps

    Get the application name from the jss-app.config file because we are using that very same name in the below given steps.

  2. Go to the path Sitecore/Layout/Rendering/Project in your Sitecore instance and make a folder with your application name that we got from the first step.

  3. Try to create a new JSON rendering inside of the project folder which we have created in the second step.

  4. Now, click on the Open xGraph browser and you will easily be able to find the GraphQL editor.

In conclusion, this is how you will be able to resolve the above error and can work on the GraphQL editor.