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How to configure multiple domains in Sitecore?

August 01, 2023
How to configure multiple domains in Sitecore?
Juanita Xavier
Juanita Xavier
Project Manager

Sitecore domain – it is a collection of more accounts for users (or assign the roles).

It is a common role and procedure.

  • There are two types of domains.

  • Global domain - In this domain user can access all these domains to the system and configure the architecture to the domain.

  • Locally managed domain – in this domain user can access the specified domain in the system and an administrator can access all the domain which is in the system.

  • You can use the domain manager to create new security domains. this is our launch pad and manage over here.

  • Domain manager within a Sitecore to create new Security domains from the desktop:

  • Go to launch pad -> select domain manager

  • Over here you can set up your Sitecore roles and new domain.

  • Click on the new domain dialog box, enter the name of the domain over this popup menu.

  • Enter the domain name and select the check box “Locally Managed Domain”.

  • Whenever add the domain and ok it will be added the domain to the list.

  • This adds the new domain to the /App_Config//Domains.config file . Security

  • Add this domain file add patch and configure the new domain name over here.


This is a simple way to configure the multiple domains over here as well as assign the user roles and give access to use only limited features of Sitecore