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Discover Capabilities: A guide for beginners

December 03, 2022
Discover Capabilities: A guide for beginners
Juanita Xavier
Juanita Xavier
Project Manager

In this blog, we will understand all about Sitecore Discover and what capabilities it holds for users.

What is Sitecore Discover?

Sitecore Discover is a powerful platform for analytics and reporting. It is integrated with the Sitecore Experience Platform allows you to gain insights into customer behaviour. This helps them make data-backed decisions for their digital strategy.

Sitecore Discover is AI-based and helps you amplify your conversion rates as well as automate your merchandising capabilities.

What are Discover’s Capabilities?
  1. Visitor Profiles: Discover gives the capability to get the data of users/customers who have visited the websites. It will help you in analysing an individual journey and get to its preferential products.

  2. Improved Search Experience: Sitecore Discover can improve search experiences by applying various algorithmic tactics in the form of recipes. Through its AI-driven feature, it helps to provide relevant search recommendations.

  3. Product Profiles: Discover creates product profiles with the data gathered through AI and machine learning. It includes basic details of the product, and associated products that are co-viewed, co-bought, and co-added to the cart and thus a profile is formed.

  4. Recommendation: Recommended products helps to improve sales and Discover is capable enough to provide recommendations of the product based on previously searched products. Recommendations based on brands, recommended products based on the search, alternative products, etc.

  5. Relevant Search: Whenever a keyword is entered in the search area, the below relevant products will automatically get displayed. The relevant products are based on the permutations and combinations of the recently searched items of various users.

    • For example, I’ve searched for sports shoes then automatically it will show me pair of socks as a relevant product and this whole game is of machine language used in the backend.

  6. Deliver Personalized Recommendations: Through the personalized recommendations delivery feature of Sitecore Discover it gives the ability for fast and hyper-relevant search results and recommendations across all the product catalogs.

  7. Content & Rule engine: Content and rule engine functions to execute all the relevant rules that are formed to change the outcome of the result. The result is that it should work on proper configurations of the product that can be appropriately displayed and ordered.

  8. Multi-Locale Support: As Sitecore Discover facilitates Localized Shopping, it supports multi-locale. It can showcase the product and its details based on the customer/users’ preferential language and ease to support product delivery.

  9. A/B Multivariant Testing: The A/B Multivariant testing facilitates to the comparison of identical pages with different designs and looks to analyse what the customer is expecting and how we can upgrade it to grab more user traffic on the site.

  10. Fitment Compatibility: Discover is very much flexible and famous due to its fitment compatibility. As it gives recommended related products along with its product recommendations.

  11. Timed Product Availability: When a customer is searching for a product and exploring the brand the most essential criterion is to display the product as soon as possible and Sitecore Discover enables timed availability of the products to increase the demand and can thus increase the conversion by getting them sold quickly.

  12. Analysis: Discover is capable enough to analyse the user data, show the graphical representation to analyse the market trend, and improvise the sale. Through analysis, we can manipulate the product, make changes, and manipulate marketing strategy to ultimately increase product visibility and sale.

  13. Display Products Intelligently: For the betterment of sales, smart product display is the ultimate key as it attracts the user. Sitecore Discover is built with such functionality that it helps to improve landing page results, increase engagement from all traffic sources, and help to bring the product to its highest.

  14. Cross-sell or Up-sell Products: Cross-selling and Up-selling is the concept of increasing the buying ratio of a product. By cross-selling Sitecore Discover encourages the customers to buy a comparable high-end product and by Up-selling it encourages and enhances the customer to buy related or complementary items.


Sitecore Discover is a very valuable tool for any organization that wants to gain insights into customer behaviour as well as their website (specifically e-commerce website) and it is AI-driven. Its powerful features make it a very wise choice for businesses.