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Creating Product Variants in Sitecore OrderCloud – A step-by-step guide

July 13, 2023
Creating Product Variants in Sitecore OrderCloud – A step-by-step guide
Keyur Garala
Keyur Garala
Sitecore Certified Solutions Architect

Sitecore OrderCloud has predefined properties for different types of entities, such as products, product variants, orders, and carts. However, different markets and clients may sell different goods which means there can be different variant properties for each product. It is important to define all the product properties to store them logically and properly in the e-commerce platform.

In this blog, we will see how to create product variants in Sitecore OrderCloud and learn how to use product variant details in portal. We will further understand the default API in the OrderCloud portal, which can be used to create variants.

Step 1: Firstly, we need to create the product through the product API in portal. Whatever details are required for the product, we fill those details accordingly.

Step 2: After creating the product we require some of the specifications for that particular product. Using the SPAC API in the portal we can create the specification for it. You also assign that specification to the same product.


In a above snapshot, you can see the specs and how we can get that and create them.

Step 3: Moreover, when creating the specification if we want to add the options for the particular spec then ordercloud gives the option to create an option for that spec. Then you need to assign that option through that spec.

Step 4: Before creating the variants, you need to assign the specification and specification option into the product. Once the user assigns the spec to the product then and then only it is allowed to create the variants in OrderCloud.


Step 5: After creating the spec and spec options you can create the variants for that product. If you want to create the variants then you need a specification for that variant. Sitecore ordercloud portal provides the API to generate the variants, using that API you can create the variants.


As we can see the variants are generated based on spec and specs assignment, also matrix is worked. However, ID is generated based on the product id specifications in ordered way (a-z, A-Z).

NOTE: Sitecore Ordercloud product variant is working on the matrix calculation, so if you have the spec according to that the variants are generated in the matching combination of spec.

For Example, if your product is car and you have created the car as a product in the Ordercloud through the product API, now you have added the specification as a colour in and in colour you have added the options in the colour, which you have add RED, BLUE and BLACK as colour option in colour spec. And the second spec is fuel which have the petrol and diesel, now when you create/generate the variant in the product through the spec it is created using the matrix combination.

Combination Works on:

  1. Red, Petrol
  2. Red, Diesel
  3. Blue, Petrol
  4. Blue, Diesel
  5. Black, Petrol
  6. Black, Diesel

Based on this combination, we can create variants by creating a new product variant and specifying the product spec options that you want to use.

Once you have created variants, you can manage them in the OrderCloud portal. You can view the list of variants for a product, edit the variant properties, and delete variants through portal also.

By following the above given steps, you can create product variants of your choice based on your brand’s requirement in Sitecore OrderCloud.