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Why do you need to upgrade to Sitecore 10 for your website?

November 22, 2022
Why do you need to upgrade to Sitecore 10 for your website?
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

In this blog we will understand why you should do a Sitecore Upgrade to 10, which is the latest Sitecore version for your website.

Let us first start with a brief introduction about what Sitecore is, why it’s upgrade is required and then jump towards understanding the importance, features and functionality of the latest Sitecore 10 Upgrade version.

Brief introduction of Sitecore and Sitecore Upgrade

Sitecore is already a global name, being one of the world’s leading digital experience providers. Over the years, the CMS marketplace and industry has exponentially grown and there are no signs of slowing. With more and more tech advancements coming up, it is imminent that Sitecore is also going to grow and evolve.

They have constantly been working on developing and launching new versions and updates for the users to leverage the new features and functionalities that they are releasing. Let us take a note of the points why Sitecore upgrade is beneficial for your business.

  • You will get to enjoy a stack of features that are latest, relevant and completely new.
  • You can improvise your customers’ digital experiences through personalization.
  • You get n number of third-party integrations.
  • You can get your website architecture refined and fixed.

What are some of the important aspects you have to keep in mind while getting an upgrade? Alignment of the stakeholders, the right team, the third-party tools you will need, identifying the risks, the limitations, and deciding on a migration approach.

The process of when you are upgrading, in this case, Sitecore 10 upgrade, is a very simple one. It starts with the project initiation and the set up. Next is the migration of content and database. This is when you start the platform upgrade and the code upgrade.

Side by side, you also set up the infrastructure. Once that is done, the User Acceptance Test is done along with the QA to find bugs and fix them. The process ends here and now your website can go live.

Let us now talk about the latest Sitecore version which is Sitecore 10 and learn more about why a Sitecore 10.1 upgrade is a wise decision for your website.

Sitecore 10 Upgrade

The latest version that Sitecore has launched is the Sitecore 10. It specifically focuses on digital transformation, optimization and improvements towards automation through AI.

Let us see a few reasons why you should do Sitecore Upgrade to 10:

Easy to upgrade

The Sitecore 10.1 upgrade has introduced a new methodology for upgradation that covers the versions Sitecore 8.1 and more. All of its documentation is kept centrally in one single document. This makes the process smoother as well as cost-effective.

New design in launchpad

In the Sitecore 10.1 upgrade, there is a new design and a new look and feel given to the launchpad. It is there to give effective uniqueness and differentiation between the Commerce applications, Marketing applications, Content editing, and Access management.

The layout is also cleaner with new and better designed icons, and has a less colorful dashboard.

New Horizon editor for marketers

One of the main highlights of Sitecore 9.3 was the Horizon editor but of course as it was the first release, it had its limitations. In the latest version of Sitecore, they have added features like multi-language support and better integrations including integration of the Sitecore Content Hub.

Further in the Sitecore 10 upgrade version, they have also brought tweaks such as:

  • More editing options for fields, checklists, and drop-down menus.
  • Search option within the Horizon editor for content or media items.
  • You can create as well as edit the data source items.
  • You can also publish items that are associated with sub-items.

New Forms functionality

In both Sitecore 9.3 as well as the Sitecore 10 upgrade versions, the Sitecore forms were given a series of improvements. The latest Sitecore 10.1 upgrade has made it easier for users to send emails every time a form is submitted.

This has made the work of the front-end developers easier. Using the auto-complete functionality, the developers can also build lists of CSS class options and link them to various elements of the Sitecore forms.

Improvements in the performance of Sitecore xDB

Since a while, Sitecore xDB has been a subject of scrutiny due to performance issues. When it is put to use for personalization or for conducting analysis, it consumes a significant amount of data. But, in the latest version, thanks to some back-end modifications, the content management and the STD reporting roles are separated.

They have also introduced enhancements in data encryption as well as added the ability to purge data sets for freeing up some space.

New improvements in Email Experience Manager

The Sitecore 10.1 upgrade now includes minor improvements in the Sitecore Email Experience Manager. They have added more sophisticated controls with an aim of halting ineffective retries of emails. There is also an enhanced support for new language emails and a bucket of new templates.


Upgrading is an anyway a major responsibility. It becomes a luxury when you get to enjoy the benefits such as mentioned above. Sitecore 10 upgrade is the latest and the best update so far which is why it is a great opportunity to get your Sitecore upgradation done quickly.

For getting a Sitecore upgrade, you can even hire a Sitecore Upgrade Service and get the best deal.