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A Guide to Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud

July 21, 2022
A Guide to Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Sitecore, the world’s leading digital experience provider with its brilliant solutions, has recently launched the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud. It is a new step towards making simplified designs and building extraordinary customer experiences.

This latest product of Sitecore is here to bring a revolution to the global customer experiences. A cutting-edge product, the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud will provide companies and brands with unparallel speed to market.

Marketers are the ones who will benefit the most using this tool as they will be able to instantly create content, manage data library, and deliver engaging and omnichannel customer experiences.

You can not only create content and manage it, you can also build and launch entire websites, and deliver some super-stunning digital experiences to your customers and all of this, in the CLOUD.

How, you ask? Because this tool is cloud-native. Through the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, you can deliver world-class customer experiences at lightning-fast speed.

Features of the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud

The Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud is an agile CMS and cloud-native, making it one of the best, next-generation tools for the brands that are future-focused. Let us see the major features offered by this latest launch of Sitecore.

Sitecore Pages

This product is very intuitive and allows your marketing team to do simple visual editing. You can build pixel-perfect, one of a kind user-experiences across channels. You also get templates, static and dynamic content, and also get all of your media and digital assets in a single library.

Multi-site Management

Your marketing team will have ease in managing global marketing operations. Your content will be effortlessly created and translated with ease. You can deploy multiple Sitecore pages in multiple regions and easily implement personalization.

Sitecore Component Builder

Through the Experience Manager Cloud, you can build reusable components as well. You can also use the existing components with restructured layouts that will enable scalability. All of this can be done in a standalone application after which you can deliver it easily across channels.

DevOps Tools

In this product, you get starter kits, integrated deployment as well as automatic updates. This gives your development teams a good head start. You can save time and money through some basic code scaffolding, implementing references, and using the built-in automation capabilities.

Cloud Portal

A centralized hub or point of access for all of your solutions. This portal is easily accessible to make it simple when you want to jump between your different products. You can even sort and favorite your daily actions to make the composable experience personalized.

Benefits of the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud

By using the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, you can deliver the Digital Experience Platforms entirely on cloud with a modern architecture. This will provide your brands and marketers with:

Continued Innovation: You get automatically delivered and integrated features and capabilities within the platform.

Elastic Scaling: With the increase in volume and traffic on your site, there will be automatic scaling to handle the oncoming traffic.

Composability: Sitecore now allows flexibility where any of its platforms can be purchased independently and fit in any marketing tech stack.

On-the-Fly-Engagement: Create digital user experiences that are aligned with and meet up to the evolving and ever-changing market needs.

Multi-channel Content Management: You can create and then reuse the content across multiple channels.

What can you get through the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud?

Visual Authoring Experience

You can curate content and find amazing pages, components, and elements with just a click. It will make running your marketing campaigns easier. All you have to do is Drag, Drop, Publish, and Repeat.

Blazing-fast Performance

Enable your pages to load at lightning-fast speed. The headless architecture ensures optimized site performance for Google with incredible impressions on your fast-loading webpages.

Exceptional Freedom

You are not bound by any restrictions or rules or guidelines. You can use any tools of your preference, any integrations as well as cloud deployment options. You have freedom.

Simplicity for Marketers

With the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud, you enable your marketers ease and smoothness in their work. They get the perks of easy-to-use visual tools and very intuitive workflows for transforming their digital strategy.

Developer Agility

The Experience Manager Cloud is built for developer agility only. Your team of developers can work with support from JAM stack frontends as well as powerful dev-op tools.

There are also open APIs for your developers. You can even author content from multiple sources for creating memorable, enhanced digital experiences.

Basically, if we see in brief, what is XM Cloud?

XM Cloud is headless: This CMS is purely headless which means no more Sitecore MVC, no more having to search for Content and APIs. Your website will be hosted by the CMS.

XM Cloud is SaaS: This means you no longer need to go at lengths to get Sitecore implementation. You will be responsible for your own servers for hosting your website.

XM Cloud is developer-friendly: Sitecore provides a cloud portal and also a CLI to manage all the XM cloud instances.

XM Cloud allows customizations: You can customize your CMS and add custom commands and buttons, respond to events in CMS as well.

What is the key difference between Managed Cloud and Experience Manager Cloud?

The Managed Cloud is one that hosts, monitors and also manages the installation of the Sitecore platforms. Sitecore development companies install the Sitecore Experience Platform through the managed cloud.

Now, Sitecore installs it all on your behalf through the Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud. On a premium tier plan, the XM Cloud supports XM, XP and also XC as it is a complete SaaS offering.

Dave O’Flanagan, Chief Product Officer, Sitecore, said: “Consumer behavior has changed rapidly over the past two years. Audiences have become very digitally savvy and have an expectation from brands to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. This puts marketers in the unenviable position of trying to meet this expectation, but with tools and solutions that don’t deliver, and in some cases hamstring, the needed agility to meet demand. Sitecore XM Cloud provides marketers with a truly end-to-end, SaaS-based solution that not only helps brands meet consumer expectations but also delivers a best-of-class omnichannel customer experience.”

The Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud is a very powerful, no compromise, next-gen CMS. You can build and deploy the best of the best SaaS-based products using this developer-agile CMS. Your content experience and commerce management can be taken to the next level using this.

Even though recently launched, the Experience Manager Cloud has gained momentum and some huge popularity as now the Sitecore CMS is available over cloud and cloud-native products are anyway the most in demand.