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What to choose Sitecore Solution?

March 5, 2021
What to choose Sitecore Solution?
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

As we all are aware about Sitecore’s evolution story. As a company there are lot of changes made in recent years to cop up the demand for various features expected in DXP. In this post – we will be checking about various Sitecore modules can help you to achieve best result as per your requirement.

To explain this – I will explain few use cases which will help aligning the purpose of using Sitecore wisely.

There are several criteria while choosing right Sitecore product mix.

Automobile Company: To build fresh website for an automobile manufacturer which has multi-lingual and multi-location website with CRM integration of the user data. The website has products which are flexible to configure for various geography along with its campaign management. This website will have lot of forms and CTAs and highly integrated Google Analytics. There features like product comparison, very tightly integrated CRM data, use of Third-party APIs to populate content from other systems.

Sitecore XP:
  • Sitecore XP plain vanilla is highly flexible and rich in-terms of developing highly customizable components.
  • This will be highly open to integrate. Any kind integration with CRMs or any third-party platform
  • It has highly customizable module development which can support any kind of out of the box feature development with tons of possible customization.
  • You can integrate Google Analytics at page level and CTA level. You can customize campaign and align Google Analytics for better search engine performance.
  • It has simpler site architecture and it can be mold into multi-location and multi-lingual structure.

News and Blog Website: This website is generic website which has lot of pages with similar page layout and theme. There will be repetitive page structure for all the content pages. Minimalistic design with repetitive layouts. This platform will allow multiple blog users to add/edit their blog content. Very minimal changes in component structure and page layouts. Features like blog/new categorization, filtering of blogs with various criteria, search blogs etc.

Sitecore XP with SXA
  • SXA module is highly efficient solution lesser customization and fast go-to-market strategy.
  • UI/UX and Development can go parallelly and it can reduce development time.
  • SXA separates structure from design, so front-end designers, creative designers, content authors, and developers can work in parallel and you can deploy and maintain multiple sites quickly and cost effectively.
  • Once the Page design is set with combination of various partial designs then there will be very little customization and placement of component on page is required to build entire page.
  • Major part of development of modules can be taken care by pre-defined set of controls.
  • Customization of component is very cumbersome and it increases overall development time. So, the simper the components the better you can drive the development faster.
  • You can reuse components, layouts, and templates across a variety of site
  • SXA is suggestable for basic design structure and very little customization.
  • The JSON feature provides a JSON API to access the SXA content. The content for the site is accessible via a web-service API in JSON format. You can use the special renderings to build JSON layout but if your website uses default renderings. This also enables teams to consume Sitecore content data into other systems.

Education Mobile App: The mobile will list down various courses and user can subscribe for online/offline courses. The course content and fees will be stored in the Sitecore and exposed by APIs. There features like search and filters directly on mobile app. There is very minimal interaction in Sitecore CMS for content update.

Sitecore XP with JSS
  • Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) is a complete SDK for JavaScript developers that enables you to build full-fledged solutions using Sitecore and modern JavaScript UI libraries and frameworks. You can use React.JS, Vue.JS or Angular.JS to build the site.
  • This module allows developer to highly focus on API development based on features. These APIs are exposed to Mobile App developer to consume Sitecore content.
  • This module allow developer to work in disconnected mode and integrated mode.
  • Developer can create APIs based on the content required for the Mobile App.

So, this means based on such similar requirements you can choose best fit product for your digital platform. Now a days in constantly evolving and rapid fast digital enabling allow you to think over how, when, why you need Sitecore to fit best digital partner.

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