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What is Digital Transformation? How can Sitecore help businesses with it?

July 20, 2022
What is Digital Transformation? How can Sitecore help businesses with it?
Mitesh Patel
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head

In the era of internet and virtual reality, Digital Transformation is the new thing. All businesses are now shifting to a digital format. The recent events in the world and onset of the pandemic actually sent a strong message about the need and importance of digital transformation.

Through data science, technology, marketing and engineering, there are endless possibilities to shape your business in the new, digital era. Companies and organizations around the world are adopting to this change by converting their already existing business or launching their new businesses with a digital touch.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is basically adopting data science, technology and marketing to strategically solve real-world problems. The main objective is to reinvent and give your business a new model that will make it easier to run and operate.

Through digital transformation, you can improve efficiency, increase automation and make your business more customer-centric. It has become significant to build customer relationships that are long lasting and digital transformation helps in that.

The reason behind this is not just the changing times but also the fact that there is an increasing demand for creating personalized, memorable experiences for your customers. For every organization, the journey of digital transformation is different and unique.

Some of the major examples of businesses who have gone through digital transformation are L’Oreal, Subway, Volvo.

Perks of Digital Transformation

Some of the major perks or as we can put it in laymen terms, benefits of digital transformation are:

Amplified data collection

When collecting customer data, what your business needs is optimization of that data for analysis. You cannot analyze raw data without having a proper structure and frame. Through digital transformation, you can create a system for collecting the data in a proper format.

Enhanced management of resources

Digital transformation helps in structuring and managing resources efficiently. You can get a set of tools for your business to integrate all functions, systems and data into one to create a centralized hub for running, managing and operating your business.

Insights driven by data

Data is everything today. And what is better than having insights and analysis based on data? When you have insights that are driven by data, your decisions are also backed by data which make them strong and more effective in the long run for your business.

Better customer experiences

Knowing that you have data and insights, you can actually enhance the customer experiences that you provide. Personalization is now possible because of digital transformation. Customers have high expectations which you can now fulfil.

Creating a digital culture

When you provide the right digital tools to your customers and also incorporate digital transformation in your business, you are encouraging a digital culture. This in return actually makes your business operations seamless and orderly.

Increasing revenue and profits

Companies that go through digital transformation are more likely to have improved efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in bringing up their ROIs. These very organizations and businesses also tend to get higher market share and visibility.

Agility is increased

Because of digital transformation, your organization becomes more and more agile. The time to market also gets increased due to digital transformation as it helps in speeding up the process of launching the business in the market as well as helps in marketing.

Increased productivity

When you possess the right tools and technology, you can do anything. With digital transformation, your business will also see rising productivity. Automation of manual tasks and data integration will lead to empowered team members as well as faster process results.

How can Sitecore help businesses with Digital Transformation?

When you opt for digital transformation, you can opt for a Sitecore Support Service for a smooth process.

Sitecore offers a range of products and services when it comes to your digital transformation. One of them being the Digital Experience Platform. It is actually the foundation to your digital transformation journey.

Some of the essential solutions by Sitecore that you can use for digital transformation are:

Digital Experience Platform: It helps you create unique digital experiences for your customers and also helps you understand customer behavior. A digital experience platform also comes with features such as digital marketing, content management, commerce solutions, marketing automation, real-time personalization and omni-channel data capturing.

Experience Commerce: For driving online conversions for your business, Sitecore Experience Commerce is the best solution for your business. You can enable personalized journeys and shopping experiences and stay ahead in this competitive market.

Content Hub: For digital asset management, marketing resource management, product content management, and for content marketing, the best solution would be a Content Hub. It helps you centralize and streamline all your content and digital assets into one place.

Cloud Solutions: Sitecore offers a range of cloud solutions as well that allows you to leverage the power of digital marketing with a quicker speed. You can accelerate your marketing using the perfect mix of cloud solutions offered by Sitecore.


Today, digital transformation is a must and the best way to go by it for your business is through Sitecore. Sitecore offers a variety of tools, solutions and services for your business to transform digitally.