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Things to Consider while doing Sitecore Upgrade

October 13, 2022
Things to Consider while doing Sitecore Upgrade
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Upgrading and updating is a natural part of any software or system lifecycle. Just like that, Sitecore Upgrade is an important process when it comes to using different Sitecore products or services.

To upgrade Sitecore, you need to first be aware and well-informed about the latest versions, the features, and the functions that you will get when using the Sitecore Upgrade Service and also, about how the process will work.

Sitecore Upgrade is also one of the best ways for you to give more power to your marketers by providing them with new features and ensuring that they are leveraging the most out of the functionalities and workings of Sitecore.

Let us first understand, exactly what is a Sitecore Upgrade and why do it?

What is Sitecore Upgrade?

Sitecore is one of the world’s leading digital experience providers according to Gartner. One of the best things about this .NET powered CMS Sitecore is that it is constantly evolving and coming up with new versions, updates and upgrades.

Why? Because they want to remove any dependencies on the legacy codes and want the servers to work independently. They also want to roll out new features and advanced functionalities for the users to keep getting the best digital experience.

This is why Sitecore Upgrade is necessary for all its users to keep leveraging the power of the newest advancements that they have come up with.

Why to do Sitecore Upgrade?

The perks of upgrading Sitecore are many but here are the major reasons why it is beneficial for your business to get Sitecore Upgrade Services:

  1. You get the latest stack of features

    When you upgrade Sitecore, it makes your website up to date with the latest market trends, thus making it relevant for the customers. This also means that you get access to a variety of new features and functionalities that Sitecore has released with the latest version.

  2. You get to provide personalized experiences

    Sitecore has been working on improving its personalization capabilities with each new version that they launch. They have been making Sitecore more and more customer-centric and user-friendly. This will ensure that your customers get a delightful, digital experience when they visit your website.

  3. You get more independence and flexibility

    Sitecore has been very flexible and convenient in ways that it has reengineered the newer versions to not be dependent on any of the legacy codes. This makes the newer versions more advanced as well as completely independent.

  4. You get endless third-party integrations

    Sitecore Upgrade allows Sitecore to now become a part of your entire digital ecosystem. This means that it has become open to endless integrations for your different, multiple business requirements and different business functions.

  5. You get refinement in architecture

    When you avail yourself of Sitecore Upgrade Services, you also get the perks of refinements to your website. Along with the upgradation, you get the existing website architecture fixed, refined and polished.

What are the things to consider while doing Sitecore Upgrade?

When it comes to Sitecore Upgrade, you need to keep in mind a few things.

  1. Alignment of Stakeholders – You need to ensure that your stakeholders are all aligned with the objectives and the project roadmap.

  2. Right Team – Do you have the right team that includes consultants, internal staff, vendor resources, etc. for breaking down responsibility and handling the general assignment?

  3. Third-party Tools – Has your team decided on using any third-party tools or platforms like search, user-generated content, live chat, authentication, translation, etc.?

  4. Risks Identification – Are the risks associated with the Sitecore Upgrade identified and communicated to all parties involved?

  5. Migration Approach – What is the approach decided for migration? Are you going to lift and shift or rebuild the entire thing? Are there going to be content changes?

What is the Sitecore Upgradation Process?

When it comes to getting Sitecore Upgrade Services, the Sitecore Upgradation process is a very dedicated one. It goes like this:

  1. Project initiation and setting up
  2. Database and Content migration
  3. Platform and Code upgrade
  4. Infrastructure side to side set up
  5. UAT testing
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Going live
What is the latest Sitecore Upgrade version?

The latest Sitecore Upgrade version is Sitecore 10.2 which is specifically focusing on digital transformation and optimization. It focuses also on improvements towards automation through AI. Major features of Sitecore 10.2 are:

  • Custom CRM Integrations
  • Sitecore Content Hub Integration
  • Automation in Marketing
  • Sitecore AI Video Support
  • New Horizon Editor for Marketers
  • Sitecore Container Support
  • Sitecore Content Serialization

When it comes to any system or software, upgrading and updating is not only a major responsibility but also one of the best decisions to be taken ever. Through Sitecore upgrade, you make your business powerful and in line with the latest tech stack.

By getting the Sitecore Upgrade Service, you are giving your customers the best digital experience possible and making your business stronger, more customer-centric, and providing better-personalized experiences to your customers.