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The Most Common Sitecore Maintenance Service Requests

August 16, 2022
The Most Common Sitecore Maintenance Service Requests
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Your website is an important digital touchpoint for your clients, prospective and existing. One you build a website on Sitecore or upgrade your website to Sitecore, it is important to make sure it continues to run smoothly as it was before.

This is why it is also important to make necessary enhancements to the said website over the period of time as the customers' needs and preferences keep evolving and changing. 

Addact’s Sitecore Support Service and Sitecore Maintenance Service offers a wide range of assistance for critical issues during emergencies and even helps in resolving those same issues. Issues that are not deemed critical are also reported and resolved and prioritized as per the needs of the client.

Benefits of Sitecore Maintenance Services

24x7 Availability

When it comes to Sitecore Maintenance Services and Sitecore CMS Support, time zones are not a problem. You will get a round-the-clock support service from our team to address time-constraining or urgent issues.

Get access to a diverse pool

When you avail yourself of the services of Sitecore CMS Support, you will get a team assigned to you with the best sets of cross-functional expertise. Their skills and training come along with Sitecore Certification and the team will be entirely dedicated to your project and yours only.

Agile Methodology

Our team of experts for your Sitecore CMS Support believe in following the agile methodology. They are always committed to making sure that the project is delivered to the client successfully. Each and every direction and task provided by the client are religiously followed. 

For maintaining efficiency and productivity, even the suggestions are taken seriously into consideration.

Marketing Automation

Marketers are usually dependent on the developers and the technical team for certain campaigns and managing content and marketing strategies. The implementation and execution of certain campaigns usually depends completely upon the developers.

This is why Sitecore CMS is built to provide marketing automation and reduce the dependency on the technical teams.

Developer Friendly

The Sitecore CMS comes with some brilliant features for the developers also. This way, the developers can easily install and work with the CMS. The Sitecore CMS Support makes sure that the developers have help and assistance round-the-clock.

This way, the implementation of Sitecore also goes hassle-free. Through the Sitecore Maintenance Services, you will be able to see a smooth development process without any challenges arising in between the process.

Let us now take a look at the most common Sitecore Maintenance Service requests made by clients.

Most Common Sitecore Maintenance Service Requests

Identifying critical issues and resolving them

Whenever a critical situation arises after identifying a critical issue, the team is entirely mobilized immediately. One of the most frequent and common critical issues is the outage of the website. This could be because of vulnerability.

When your website is down, this could cause you to lose customers, in turn leading to losses for your business. Customers are very quick to switch to different brands and choose substitutes as their attention span is less and they choose faster, convenient services over loyalty.

For preventing this from happening, a dedicated Sitecore Maintenance team is required who not only understands your website but are also ready to make decisions for getting your website back online as soon as possible.

Sitecore Support Service for Content Author

Being an enterprise-level platform, Sitecore can also be highly customized and personalized. Although for the same, training and Sitecore Support is required up to a certain degree. Sometimes, the most well-trained content authors require support for the areas where they lack.

If there is a need for improvements, enhancements or training for the day-to-day work activities and a way to increase productivity, support and training is needed. Content authoring is actually one of the most common Sitecore Maintenance Service requests.

Most of the requests of content authoring usually include topics like:

  • Content not being loaded in all the browsers
  • Workflow and content approval have issues
  • For a multisite environment, the components require customization for specific needs
  • For multilingual websites, the language fallback could be used more efficiently
  • Enhancing the UX
  • Making sure that the websites are responsive
  • Improving the UX by customizing the design and the styling of certain elements and components

Third-party integrations

Sitecore CMS is a very powerful CMS built on .NET technology. It also is a marketing platform. But you know what will enhance its abilities even more? Integration with third parties. The majority of client requests that come up when it comes to Sitecore Implementation are third-party system integrations.

What will happen if third-party systems have modifications and changes? Your Sitecore built websites will need to be customized to accommodate the new changes, right? This customization must be provided by someone who is a Sitecore expert.

Addact’s Sitecore Maintenance team has experience in implementing these kinds of integrations with customizations.


When it comes to Sitecore Maintenance and Support, it is always beneficial that you get a Sitecore Support Partner. You have a list of perks that you can enjoy and even the most commonly requested service requests will be answered and resolved.

Some of the most commonly asked service requests like critical issues, content authoring and even third-party integrations can all be resolved through the Sitecore Maintenance Services.