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Sitecore Technical Consultancy

July 1, 2020
Sitecore Technical Consultancy
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Align your Sitecore Solutions, Business Goals and Customer Expectations with Sitecore Technical Consultancy Services

Let’s start with a simple comparison between two largely used terms, Investment and Speculation! So, Investment is the acquisition of an asset or an item with the aim of generating income from it in a certain definite future. On the other hand, speculation is a financial transaction that is made with the expectation of significant gain at the risk of losing all value if the speculation fails.


When we talk about Experience Sitecore Platform implementation or any Sitecore Solution as a matter of fact, enterprises must ensure that they make an investment and not a speculation. But to ensure that when an enterprise spends money on any of the Sitecore Solution is an investment, it is essential that they have answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the goals that we wish to accomplish with Sitecore Solutions?

  2. Why do we need Sitecore Solutions?

  3. How can Sitecore ensure our success?

  4. What makes Sitecore, our ideal Technology solution?

Basically, enterprises must make an informed decision as to why they need Sitecore Solutions before making a significant investment in its development, customization and implementation! And to ensure that, they need a Sitecore Expert who has the Technical Expertise as well as relevant Domain understanding to help them determine an ideal Sitecore solution that would ensure optimum return on investment with dedicated and extensive Sitecore Technical Consultancy services.


If you too wish to employ Sitecore Solutions to leverage personalization, automation and enhanced marketing capabilities on your Digital Platforms, Addact Technologies can ensure that with Sitecore Technical Consultancy Services. But before we head to the Sitecore Technical Consultancy Services that we can provide to our esteemed clients, we would like you to understand why Addact Technologies is an ideal Sitecore Technical Consultant:

Why enterprise must choose Addact Technologies as their Technical Consultant:

  1. Team of Sitecore MVP and Certified Sitecore Developers:

    Our team of a Sitecore MVP (Ambassador) and Certified Sitecore Developers at Addact have catered successful Sitecore Services to more than 50+ Global Enterprises from varied domains. A Sitecore Ambassador MVP is someone with immense knowledge of Sitecore, who influences the digital industry, customers, and decision-makers, who provides product feedback, and supplies references, and case studies. Our team of Sitecore experts have helped many enterprises across the globe in understating, optimizing and making an informed decision with Sitecore Consultancy Services.

  2. In-depth Product Knowledge and Domain Understanding:

    Apart from in-depth Sitecore understanding, our Sitecore Experts have the required domain knowledge that gives us an edge! Our experts have a fair knowledge of various industries, their customer expectations and they also understand the technical challenges that industries face. Thus, with their Technical Expertise and domain understanding, enterprises can not only help you make an informed decision but can also help you make your Sitecore solutions scalable and futuristic.

  3. Time-tested Sitecore Practices:

    Every enterprise that adopts a new technology has to follow certain practices and have to make certain changes in their business processes to make optimum utilization of the technology. Similarly, to make optimum utilization of Sitecore Solutions, our Sitecore experts will help you inculcate the best Sitecore Practices in your business.

  4. Extensive Technical Portfolio and successful track record:

    To help our clients understand our past experience and our Sitecore Expertise, we provide them with a personalized technical portfolio that can help them understand how our services have helped our clients. And to ensure our credibility, enterprises can also review the testimonials and success stories or they can also get our reference from official Sitecore Bodies like Sitecore India and Sitecore Singapore.


Now that you know why Addact Technologies is an ideal Sitecore Consultant for your enterprise, below are the extensive Sitecore Technical Consultancy services that we provide:

Sitecore Technical Consultancy services from Addact Technologies:

  1. Sitecore Platform Selection:

    Instead of following market trends, our Sitecore experts will collaborate with you to help you understand which Sitecore platforms will best align with your business goals and will help you make the right choice of platform and customizations.

  2. Sitecore Experience Platform managed services:

    Make our Sitecore Experts a part of your center of excellence and they will help you determine the ideal technical architecture, required Sitecore XP customizations, they will ensure effective Sitecore XP implementation and will also help your resources with Sitecore XP understanding with documentation and training.

  3. Sitecore Experience Commerce managed services:

    Hire our Sitecore Consultants and ensure that Sitecore Commerce delivers personalized and delightful digital experiences to all your customers. Our experts will help you with Sitecore best practices, platform customizations, implementation, content architecture, platform personalization and with extensive Sitecore Commerce training.

  4. Dedicated Sitecore Consultants:

    Hire a dedicated Sitecore Expert that can act as a Technical Account manager and get desired services from them or hire them to ensure your Sitecore platforms are in top-notch condition. Whether you need extensive Sitecore Audits or you wish them to oversee Sitecore development and customization, our Sitecore experts can do it all and that too with finesse.

    Digital Transformation drive has never been this stronger and as the world faced the dire pandemic situation; many enterprises are making their business digital. Ensure you have a competitive edge and that your customers are your brand representatives with Addact’s Sitecore Technical Consultancy services.

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.