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Sitecore Marketing Consultancy

July 1, 2020
Sitecore Marketing Consultancy
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Make your Enterprise Data-driven with Sitecore Marketing Consultancy

The quote, “Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is” never made more sense than it makes now in the era of Data and Digital Transformation! While all the surveys and trends suggest that “Data is the new fuel” and that to make your business successful in the current competitive market, it is essential that enterprises must be data-driven and customer-centric. But the reality is that instead of having top-notch technologies that can help enterprises in harnessing essential and untampered data, the majority of them still fail in harnessing the power of information.


To prove this notion, recently Harvard Business Reviews (HBR) conducted a survey where representatives from 64 large corporations like American Express, Ford Motors and Jhonson & Jhonson participated. And once the detailed survey was complete, it was found that:

Conclusions of a Survey from HBR on Data and Analytics Capabilities of Enterprises:

  • 72% of survey participants report that they have yet to forge a data culture

  • 69% report that they have not created a data-driven organization

  • 53% state that they are not yet treating data as a business asset

  • 52% admit that they are not competing on data and analytics. (Source)

So while you make a significant investment in the Sitecore Experience Platform to employ personalization, automation and to make your enterprise data-driven, it is also essential that you have an effective and personalized Digital strategy. The goal of the strategy is to enable your marketers to harness the power of information and then use that information to deliver personalized and delightful customer experiences at the right time and with the right product.

Addact’s Marketing Consultancy:

If you too wish to have a digital strategy to harness the power of data and you wish to accelerate your Digital Transformation drive by making optimum utilization of the Sitecore Experience Platform, all you need is Addact Technologies as your Sitecore marketing consultant! Hire our experienced team of Digital Strategists and Sitecore Veterans who have helped many enterprises in implementing best business practices, in formulating a market-leading strategy and in ensuring customer success.

To help you better understand how our experts will contribute towards your enterprise and its growth, we have listed below all the marketing consultancy services that we provide along with the benefits it will provide to you as a client and to your customers.


Marketing Consultancy Service:

  1. Marketing Strategy Development Services:

    Hire our Sitecore Experts developers who will help you pave a path towards digital success. We will collaborate with your marketers and decision-makers to understand the business goals and based on that, we will provide a detailed marketing strategy that will help you gain optimum benefits from Sitecore Experience Platform and deliver delightful customer experiences. Our strategy development services comprise of two parts namely, short-term benefits and long-term vision. Our marketing consultants will deliver a detailed document with the best business practices, technical framework and automation capabilities that you need to integrate into your digital platforms and will also help you gain critical insights on your current capabilities and digital experience maturity.

    Benefits of marketing strategy development services to clients:

    • Best business practices to gain better analytics capabilities

    • Alignment of Sitecore Experience Platform with Business Goals

    • Marketers and Decision-makers will have a clear understanding of the goals and the Sitecore Platforms

    • Short term benefits along with long-term vision

    • Clear path to make your enterprise data-driven

    • Flexible hiring contracts

    Benefits of marketing strategy development services to customers:

    • Delightful digital experiences

    • Personalized and relevant product offerings

    • Clear brand communication channels

    • Extensive support

    • Uniform and seamless digital experiences

  2. Marketing Audit and Optimization services:

    If you are failing to gain optimum results from Sitecore solutions and are not aware of why technology is not aligning with your business goals, hire our Sitecore Experts and digital strategists to take a peek under the hood of your Sitecore Experience Commerce and Sitecore Experience Platform. Our experts will carry out a thorough Sitecore audit to understand the root causes of the problems and provide detailed reports that will help you in optimizing your platform to provide desired and optimum results.

    We will not only solve all your current problems but will also provide a path towards long-term success and will help you identify problems that you didn’t even know existed! Apart from that, you can also hire consultants for more dedicated services where they work endlessly on your platform and marketing strategies to keep your vision and Sitecore platforms intact and to ensure that your customers have personalized and delightful digital experiences.

    Benefits of marketing audit and optimization services to clients:

    • Identify current and root causes of your problems

    • Optimize your Sitecore Platforms to align with your customers

    • Get detailed reports with solutions, long-term suggestions and best business practices frameworks

    • Dedicated resources for constant and steady growth

    • Flexible hiring contracts

    • Gradual transition of customers from leads to customers to brand representatives to brand loyalists

    Benefits of marketing audit and optimization services to customers:

    • Seamless digital experiences

    • Customer Maturity from regular to loyal customers

    • Nurtured and optimized digital experiences

    • Clear digital navigation

    • Personalized and prioritized services and offerings

    With the advent of the Data and analytics, marketing outcomes are no longer ambiguous and vague. Ensure that all your campaigns are a success and that you can access all the substantial results that are generated by the marketing efforts that are made by your team. Harness the power of information and gain a competitive edge in the market with extensive marketing consultancy services from Addact Technologies, a trusted Sitecore partner.

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.