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Sitecore Headless eCommerce solutions - Future for Enterprises

August 4, 2021
Sitecore Headless eCommerce solutions - Future for Enterprises
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

No one of us can ignore the much-talked topic, i.e., E-commerce. E-commerce is the process or activity of buying and selling products and services online. The recent technological expansion has evolved e-commerce, a business model, in making easy trading of products and services through the internet. The market segments where e-commerce mainly works are B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B.

What is Headless e-commerce?

Digital Strategy is getting developed over the years, and it has given birth to "Headless E-commerce." But there is a vast confusion between regular e-commerce and Headless E-commerce.

The entire story behind the cutting-edge Headless E-commerce platform is the rapid growth in technology to keep pace with customers' demand globally. With the implementation of Headless E-commerce, one-way brands are getting immense popularity in the world.

The front-end layers are separated from back-end layers in headless e-commerce, and this feature makes it easy for the developers to update it without the front-end.

Difference between traditional e-commerce and headless enterprise eCommerce

Undoubtedly, the global presence of e-commerce is getting evolved hugely, and it has become more popular with the recent advancement of headless e-commerce. But there are some fundamental differences between traditional e-commerce and headless commerce. Many are still having confusion between these two advanced technologies. Scrolling down the blogs will help the experts know the differences between conventional and headless e-commerce.

  1. Front-end development- The primary difference between Traditional E-commerce and Headless e-commerce is that the latter does not create any limit for the front-end developers. In the case of traditional e-commerce, front-end developers control the front-end designs that are developed by the solution. However, these are easy to create, and experts can launch them fast.
    Well, in the case of Headless commerce, there is no limitation for the front-end developers. It enables the front-end developers to build user-friendly designs as per the requirement of the business. Here the front-end developers don't need to get worried about the editing done in the back-end.
  2. Personalization and customization- There is a noticeable difference between Tradition and Headless-commerce,i.e., flexibility. Traditional E-commerce does not leave any flexibility, and it is strongly tied up with back-end infrastructure and coding. Whereas Headless e-commerce offers flexibility, and developers can control the e-commerce platforms without using the Front-end. Here the experts can easily change and maintain the appearance of the e-commerce platform without any hassle, and precisely, we can say Headless e-commerce is entirely customizable.
  3. Pre-existing technical knowledge- Traditional e-commerce is mainly suggested for those who don't have expert knowledge in this sphere. Again, for those who want to have an e-commerce portal within a low budget, Traditional e-commerce seems to be the best.
    But, for individuals who possess a piece of sound knowledge in this technical field, Headless E-commerce is especially for them. Headless e-commerce comes with an abundance of customization features and helps developers to generate more targeted experiences and enhance the personalization.
How does it help an enterprise?

The recent development in Headless e-commerce has made an evolution in developing e-commerce platforms. Usually, a traditional e-commerce platform creates a gap between the blogs that attract customers and the procedure that converts that traffic into customers. But, the gap is minimized with the help of the Headless E-commerce platform.

Seamless Assimilation

API-driven Headless e-commerce is effortless in operation than other solutions. Developers find it easy to assimilate with new and existing technology. Hence, a headless e-commerce website can easily be integrated with different marketing tools like CRM and CMS.

Limitless Front-end Customization

Unlike Traditional E-commerce, Headless E-commerce comes with an unlimited Front-end customization facility. It provides an immeasurable perspective to the front-end and includes loT enabled technology that helps improve business strategies.

Omnichannel Support

In the present day, most customers do their shopping via multiple channels. Hence, you must develop omnichannel e-commerce to support an enterprise to reach the vast number of customers. Headless E-commerce platform offers the best solution here by developing e-commerce websites so that an enterprise can have an extensive customer base.

Enhance Conversion Rate

Headless E-commerce comes with more embedded features that help in personalization and maintain the online store's flexibility. Enterprises can create exciting offers on the store that will make the customers more excited. And thus, the enterprise will get more customers.

Full-featured Headless Sitecore eCommerce

Sitecore offers full-featured Headless E-commerce implementation from inception, and here, the developers can experience a stringent distinction between the management, presentation, and storage of content.

Can discuss the fundamental discrepancy between Traditional CMS, Headless CMS, and Sitecore Omni below.

Traditional CMS offers to publish limited channels, and it features limited personalization. Headless CMS publishes unlimited channels but does not contain any feature of personalization. Sitecore Omni offers limitless channels along with complete personalization. Sitecore Omni offers easier and simpler editing than Headless CMS.

Other areas where Sitecore commerce offers more than Headless CMS are mentioned below.

  • It is advantageous to learn more from the customer's journey. Every visitor will get a genuinely personalized understanding.
  • Sitecore CMS empowers developers to develop and deliver relevant content so that customers can browse the online store more.
  • Sitecore CMS enables you to engage in more effective marketing content and enhance the business's turnover.
When do you need Sitecore Headless E-commerce?

Headless E-commerce is necessary for a business if your brand is entirely content-driven and intends to implement personalization. If you use a CMS and want to add to the e-commerce solution, you will need advanced technology of Headless E-commerce.

Customer Experience

No doubt, Headless Commerce keeps a synchronization between the inventory, market price, etc, and hence customers get a seamless experience. Customers can experience custom designs instantly, and this will create a unique customer experience.


So, we can say that Headless E-commerce is the best solution to get more traffic to your enterprise in this competitive market. This advanced technology will help customers more conveniently in online shopping.