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Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3 Updates and Features

October 15, 2023
Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3 Updates and Features
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

Sitecore, one of the leading players in the field of customer experience management, content management and digital transformation, consistently releases updates to its Experience Platform to provide its users with cutting-edge tools to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

Through this blog we will understand the Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3, exploring the latest updates and features that have been introduced. Let's see what's new and how it can benefit businesses and marketers.

A brief about Sitecore

Before we jump into it, let us first understand the significance of Sitecore. It is a robust digital experience platform that empowers organizations to create personalized, multichannel experiences for their customers.

It offers a wide range of tools for content management, marketing automation, e-commerce, and analytics, all designed to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. Sitecore has earned a reputation for its ability to provide a seamless, data-driven, and highly personalized user experience.

Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3: What’s new?

Let us note some of the notable enhancements they have made before diving into it in detailed explanation.

Improved Performance and Scalability

Sitecore continues to invest in optimizing the platform's performance and scalability. With the growing demand for high-traffic, enterprise-level websites, this update ensures that Sitecore can handle the increased load while maintaining excellent performance.

Enhanced Personalization

Personalization is a core feature of Sitecore, and the 10.3 update promises to make it even more powerful. This version includes improvements in the tracking and analysis of user behavior, making it easier for marketers to create and deliver highly relevant, individualized content and experiences to their customers.

Accessibility Features

Digital accessibility is a critical consideration for websites and applications. With the increasing focus on inclusivity, Sitecore 10.3 has features that enhance the accessibility of websites built on the platform.

Headless CMS Enhancements

Headless content management systems have gained popularity due to their flexibility and ability to serve content to various platforms and devices. Sitecore 10.3 has introduced improvements in its headless CMS capabilities, making it easier to manage and distribute content to different channels.

Security Updates

With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks, security remains a top priority. Sitecore 10.3 has included security updates and patches to protect against vulnerabilities and ensure the platform's overall safety.

Going into the details of Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3 update
  • GraphQL authoring and management API for custom authoring.

  • You can create webhooks to get real-time notifications about the workflow.

  • Embedded forms for adding forms to any webpage including the pages that are not on a Sitecore application.

  • xConnect data tools to export contacts and interaction data from your database.

  • New API for identifying which database raised a published event.

  • MSSQL Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) added that ensures all data stored in MSSQL (across XM and XP) is encrypted at rest.

  • Enhanced search feature that returns with exact and possible or close matches instead of the just exact matches.

Why are these features and updates important?

When you hire Sitecore CMS consultant for your business to get the complete potential of the latest version of the Sitecore Experience Platform, you need to know why the latest version recommended by the Sitecore CMS development service is the best one for your brand.

Competitive Edge

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the competition is critical. Updates that improve performance, personalization, and user experience can give your brand a competitive edge.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Personalization, marketing automation, and accessibility features enable businesses to engage with their customers in a more meaningful way. The better you can cater to individual needs and preferences, the more likely you are to retain and convert visitors.


Sitecore's commitment to keeping its platform up to date with the latest technologies and industry standards helps businesses future-proof their digital strategies. It ensures that they can adapt to evolving customer expectations and technological advancements.

Security and Compliance

With the increasing number of cyber threats and privacy regulations, staying up to date with security updates is crucial. Sitecore's commitment to security helps businesses protect their data and maintain compliance.


Sitecore Experience Platform 10.3 promises to bring a host of new updates and features to its users. Sitecore is committed to improving performance, personalization, accessibility, and security while enhancing the user experience for both marketers and content editors.

When you get Sitecore CMS services, you aren’t just getting an implementation team but a team of experts who will help you leverage the complete feature list and everything that this platform has to offer to better enhance your brand presence online.