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Sitecore Commerce - Module Level Customization

November 14, 2018
Sitecore Commerce - Module Level Customization
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

In Sitecore Commerce – One of our prestigious client has given us specific requirements and asked us to perform those customization. This specific set of requirement were well documented, so we took the challenge. Customization Modules and requirements are described below.

Tax Configuration Module : Requirement
  • Create a screen in the Sitecore Commerce back office where admin can set up the Tax rules.
  • The products that would be available in the Commerce website are Hotels, Waterpark tickets and Transportation products (Coach & Ferry).
  • The configured Tax Rules should apply as per the rule configured when the customer adds the products to cart and checks out via the checkout page.
  • The configured Tax Rules should apply as per the rule configured when the admin creates an Order in the back office.
  • The applied tax rules & tax name should reflect in the following sections in the Commerce application
  • Customer My Account – My Order section, Transaction emails (Order confirmation email)
Tax Report Module
  • Create a screen in the Sitecore back office where authorized user should be able to navigate and download a tax report.
  • Report required for GST Filingo Rules: Report to be extracted on a Monthly Basis, ad-hoc generation of the report is required
  • Format: .xlsx
  • Fields labelled Mandatory are required to appear in the Tax Report
  • Align description of Values expected in each field
Module: Configurable Static Bundle
  • The Commerce application is selling the following products – Hotels, Waterpark tickets, Cabana, Transportation (Coach and Ferry). The Client wants to package the individual products and set up a bundled product offering.
  • Admin should be able to create a bundle from the Sitecore back office using any products Hotels, Water Park tickets, Cabana and Transportation products as shown in example in Table C, which should be displayed on the front end as a Bundled product.
  • Site visitors should be able to view the Bundled product and purchase the Bundled Product.
  • The Shopping cart should show only one-line item for the purchased bundled product and the related products being purchased as part of the bundle.
  • Site visitors should not be able to remove the individual products being purchased as part of the bundle from the shopping cart page.
  • Inventory of the individual products part of the bundle should be reduced when user purchases a bundle.
  • Taxes should be applied as configured.
  • The commerce application should keep record of number of bundles sold on the website. Admin should be able to view the bundles in the sale report.
  • The bundled product purchased should appear in the following sections – transaction emails (Order Confirmation email), Customer My Account section. Sitecore Back office.
Payment Gateway Integration Module
  • Integrate MolPay payment gateway in Sitecore commerce via Seamless Integration. Seamless Integration demo (Link Here) and GitHub (Link Here). Payment gateway integration should be scalable and if needed should support enabling additional approaches when needed in future.
  • Payment gateway integration to implement all the requirements mentioned in the merchant guide for e.g. Payment Status Notification, IPN (Instant payment notification) etc.
  • Data validation and sanitization to be performed for all data being read into the application from the end user or from third party systems like payment server.
  • Security best practices to be implemented for payment integration.
  • Payment gateway to be available in the checkout page. Payment gateway to also be integrated and available in the edit order page in the Sitecore back office to allow for reconciliation of payments.
  • Payment gateway used for placing orders on the website should integrate with any reports being generated in Sitecore for e.g. “Most Popular Payment Methods) in the Experience analytics reports.
  • Payment gateway integration should not conflict with other payment solutions (for e.g. PayPal or Braintree) in future if needed. It should work side by side with other payment gateway solutions if enabled on the website.
  • Payment gateway integration should work with other currencies if required in future.
  • Payment gateway integration should work with other Commerce stores if required in future.

Client relied on us to customize Sitecore Commerce. These new modules are highly used on their platform with back-end reports and accounting. With Sitecore’s experience platform provides content management, marketing automation, email marketing, social media, e-commerce, optimization, and analytics into a single platform. We at Addact, offering Sitecore Commerce range from technology consulting to end-to-end eCommerce implementation and support. Addact leverage its distinctive expertise and our highly qualified team in agile development to deliver.the best results to our clients.

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.