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Sitecore as SaaS- an Opportunity that you cannot PASS!

November 29, 2019
Sitecore as SaaS- an Opportunity that you cannot PASS!
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

If you ask any expert, what are the traits that a modern day enterprise applications must have?They would say it must be a Digital Platform that is simple to use, agile and scalable for future updates and it must provide connectivity and intelligence to form a complete Digital Ecosystem.

Technology has been the beacon of progress for many decades with its cognitive platforms. For instance, if you are using Sitecore for your enterprise, you can definitely triumph and gain a competitive edge in your respective markets. Sitecore as a platform has been providing best Digital Experience to thousands of enterprises from all different kinds of Domains and Industries and has been helping them with Digital Transformation by giving them access to their platform which is one of the best Digital Ecosystems ever created.

The reason why Sitecore has been the market leader for so long is because it is one such platform that provides user friendly Interface which is completely customisable according to the business’s needs. It is also the platform that has been ahead of the its time and has been updating the platform to dominate the current and the future digital market.

Recently at Symposium 2019, Sitecore again proved their point byrevealingpromising updates in all of their platforms. But the announcement that grabbed all the attention was the “Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience management platform”. Yes you read that right! The on premise Digital Experience platform will evolve into a light, fast and flexible SaaS based Digital Platform.

So, what is this SaaS platform? When will it be available?How will it impact your business? How is it better? What are the changes that enterprises need to make? Well, here are the Answers to all these questions:

What is Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience management platform?

First and foremost, SaaS is an abbreviation of “Software as a Service” which means that the developers of the platform will manage and update the platform from their end and the users can get instant access to the platform without any burden of maintenance or installation via a cloud platform.

Sitecore is diversifying their on-premise Digital experience platform into a SaaS platform and whole Digital Experience platform will be updated and managed by their authorised team of experienced developers and the end users can access the platform via a Cloud Platform.

When will Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience management platform be available?

According to Sitecore, the Digital Experience platform will be released with core functionalities in the summer of 2020. The platform will then evolve over the period of 4-5 years where based on the market demands and convenience of their existing customers, they will transition completely towards the SaaS model.

And for those who are currently using Sitecore Digital Experience as on-premise software, Sitecore has said that they would not pull back any support and will keep updating the platform for at least 4 to 5 years after the SaaS platform is released. Even after that, the decision will be based on the customer expectations and market needs.

How is Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience management platform better?

The benefits are different for both the new users and the existing customers. Also, SaaS as a platform is better than on-premise Software.So there are three different kinds of beneficiaries of Sitecore’s SaaS digital experience management platform.

SaaS vs. on-premise software: better?

  • Unlike on-premise software, the users of the SaaS platform don’t have to pay any amount of money for installation, updates and maintenance of the platform.

  • The platform is available on the cloud platform thus, there is no need of dedicated server space to access SaaS platform.

  • The updates made by developers are automatically updated on the platform thus the users will get instant benefit of the updates without making any efforts.

  • Sitecore SaaS will be more agile and flexible and enterprises can customise the platform with the help of the Sitecore Partners. Thus, there will not be any chances of rigidity as well!

Benefits of Sitecore SaaS for new users:

  • The new users of the Sitecore Platform can form a Digital ecosystem of Digital Experience, Content Hub and other Sitecore platforms that are available as SaaS platforms and users can integrate and leverage all the platforms for their enterprise.

  • Sitecore will keep their partners intact and will allow enterprises to customise the SaaS platforms according to their business requirements. Thus, the enterprises can not only get access to the latest platforms, they can also get tailored digital solution that aligns with their business culture and processes.

  • The on boarding and usage of the platform will be much easier for users as there will be no need of on-premise setup and with initial payment, users can access the platform.

Benefits of Sitecore SaaS for existing customers:

  • The existing customers can get all the Sitecore benefits minus the maintenance cost and the cost of updating the platform.

  • The existing customers will not have any further need of having dedicated servers for the software.

  • Apart from cost benefits, the platform will be constantly updated by the expert developers of the Sitecore thus, the users will get access to updated software without spending any extra money on the updates.

Apart from cost benefits, the platform will be constantly updated by the expert developers of the Sitecore thus, the users will get access to updated software without spending any extra money on the updates.

As far as the new customers are concerned, the platform will be fully customisable and thus they will not have to make any changes in their business processes or culture. The on-boarding will be as smooth as possible and if you have Sitecore Partner with you to assist, you can get extended training as well. And for the existing customers, Sitecore advices them to stay updated with the latest versions of the on-premise platform and with that they can seamlessly transit on the SaaS platform.

So, here is what Sitecore holds in the future for all its customers and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned to this platform and you will get all the updates for the same. Also, if you need any other assistance, you can contact us directly! We are official Sitecore Implementation Partner with 8 certified Sitecore Developers along with Sitecore MVP in our team!

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