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5 Reasons why Addact is an Ideal Technology Partner for your Sitecore Project

February 21, 2020
5 Reasons why Addact is an Ideal Technology Partner for your Sitecore Project
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

While it was said for decades, internet is the reason we could truly say, “The World is a one big market”. Due to the rise of Digitization, you can not only sell your products to the cosmopolitans, the scenario of IT Domain is such that the clients can also hire the best talents from any part of the world to work on your project without mobilizing them! And Sitecore is one such community that believes in merit based Outsourcing model. Because of its models like Sitecore Certifications and Sitecore MVP programs, it is now possible to hire resources from different parts of the world and make them work simultaneously on your Sitecore Project while you sit in your office sipping a cup of coffee.

While Technical Expertise is one of the major reasons of Sitecore Outsourcing, being a market leader and vendor of majority of Sitecore IT Service Providers, we have analysed all the inquiries that we have received over the years and down-sized the list to 5 major reasons why people choose Addact their Technology Partner. If you too are looking for Sitecore Development and Implementation Partner, the below mentioned reasons will definitely help you make the decision that is ideal and favorable for your Sitecore Product.

5 Major Reasons why Enterprises Opt for Software Development Outsourcing:
  1. Access to the best Talent Pool for your Sitecore Development Project:

    When you outsource your project to Addact Technologies, you get access to our 20+ Certified Sitecore Developers and other useful resources whose expertise and domain exposure is necessary for handling your project.

    And the resources that you select for your project will not only render expert Sitecore development services, they will also deploy their domain expertise and entrepreneurial mindset to help you make your software product the best possible version that will have all the relevant functions and UX design that makes your Commerce Platform reach the top of minds of the end users.

  2. Total Ownership and Accountability as the Technology Partner:

    One of the biggest reasons enterprises are more inclined towards Outsourcing their Sitecore Development to Addact Technology instead of an in-house team is because we at Addact Technologies take and evolved role of a Technology Partner. We are willing to take responsibility and ownership of the Technical end of the project and as a Partner will also take all the necessary measures to keep the Sitecore Product updated.

    These types of Technology Partnerships allows our client to focus on other aspects of the business without worrying about the Technical Part and as it also ensures the long-term association, we will never betray our clients while the employees that are hired for in-house development may leave the project in order to seek a better prospect. For those who are looking for Sitecore Development services that may tend to run for a longer period of time, Outsourcing and associating with a trust-worthy Technology Partner like Addact Technologies is a better option for them.

  3. Ready to use Infrastructure and huge time and cost saving in terms of Operational Cost:

    For those who are experimenting with their IT product and are not certain about how the market will receive their product, it is not wise for them to invest a huge amount of time and money in setting up the infrastructure that would be required to carry-out the Sitecore Development work.

    Also, to keep the IT department updated, they would have to incur a certain amount of operational cost which can disrupt the overall budget of the Software. Instead of that, entrepreneurs and enterprises can opt for Outsourcing their Sitecore Project to Addact Technologies that already has a state of the art infrastructure which they can instantly hire for their project. Addact Technologies has fully-functional offices in India, Australia and Singapore. Thus if the project on which we are working on is not performing in the market as per their expectations, clients can take immediate cost cutting measures and reduce the operational cost without bearing any moral burden.

  4. Flexible Hiring Contracts:

    At times when your Software Product is newly launched or is experiencing unexpected rise in the traffic during the peak times of the Software Product, it is not feasible financially and operationally to hire additional resources in the in-house team on such short notice and for short period of time. Instead of incurring such huge cost of hiring, enterprises can hire our expert Sitecore Resources on Flexible Contracts. These contracts can be restricted to a limited time and without any unnecessary commitments.

  5. Effective Software Support and Maintenance:

    When you are Outsourcing your Sitecore Development task to Addact Technologies, you can get an all inclusive services where support and maintenance can be a part and parcel of the development contract. Thus, you not only you get the best resources to manage your project; you also get the benefit of having the same resources who built the software guide the team to effectively maintain the software.

    Also, there is one additional benefit of hiring an off-shore development partner. If you have an outsourcing partner that works in different time-zone than yours, then you can arrange the operations in a way that you can get round-the clock service without incurring any additional cost.

    Apart from Technical Expertise and other such above mentioned added benefits, Addact Technologies is also a trusted name in Sitecore Community. Our clients can also confirm our credibility from the local governing bodies of Sitecore India and Sitecore Singapore. So, if you are looking for an ideal Technology Partner who goes beyond development to cultivate a healthy relationship, let’s connect.

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.