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Sitecore & Personalisation - Indeed The best duo of the Decade!

February 4, 2020
Sitecore & Personalisation - Indeed The best duo of the Decade!
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Personalization is at the core of Marketing! If you ask any marketer or retailers even from the conventional Brick and Mortar time where there was no Internet in the scenario, they would have said that, “The key to selling is to offer Right Product, at Right time and at Right Price.”


In the millennial lingo, this concept of selling Right Product at Right Time and at Right Price is called Personalisation. But personalisation is not restricted to just Selling, it is also a great tool to create traction towards your brand and urge users to stay brand loyal.

Even after such advancement of Internet and after the disruption of Retail Industry with the introduction of ecommerce and online sales marketplaces, the formula to sell and to create impeccable Brand Presence on your Users’ minds remains the same. The only difference is before the rise of the Internet, the salesmen used to personalise User Experience while selling the products, now the key to Personalization is in the hands of Technology Automation and Machine Learning!


So, the question is how can Sitecore Experience Platform help you in personalising your user experience and create a multichannel marketing strategy that helps your reach the “Top of the Mind” of your users? Their approach is very powerful and yet very subtle. Their personalisation model is based on three main benefits namely:

  1. Scale

  2. Speed

  3. Insights

To put it in a nutshell, no matter for what purpose you deploy Personalisation by using the Sitecore Experience Platform, whether it is to sell, to attract or to interact, Sitecore will contribute in scaling the personalisation, deliver ready to use Personalisation Models that can be applied with Speed and provide Insights that can help you improve your efforts and create an ideal Personalised User Experience for your Audience.

To help you better understand how Sitecore Experience deploys Personalisation, we are presenting a Success Story on how Addact Technologies consulted an Automobile Giant who has a presence across 70 countries and implemented Sitecore Experience to create a personalised Digital Experience for their millions of users.

The Personalisation Success Story:

Company Introduction:

Client is a Public Organisation that is celebrated as one of the most successful and renowned Two-wheeler Automobile Manufacturers from India known for its innovation, dedication and customer centric behaviour. The client has a presence over 70 different countries and employs more than 8500 employees to serve their millions of customers spread across the globe.

Project Details:

  1. Services Offered: Sitecore Consultancy and Sitecore Implementation Services

  2. Resource Allocated: Architect -1, Project Manager-1, Team lead-1, Developer-4, QA-2, Designer-2

  3. Duration: 9 months + on going

  4. Country: India

The Requirement:

The Client had 70 different websites for 70 different countries and they wanted to integrate all the websites in single Sitecore Instance. They required experts who can setup designing policies that can help them Cross-sell, create a unique and personalised digital Experience for their audience who were surfing their websites and also wanted to create a uniform User Interface across different platforms and different devices.

They also wanted to introduce personalised product by giving the customers complete customisation options based on their product preferences. So, based on these requirements, here is how Addact Technologies deployed Sitecore Experience Platform to deploy Personalisation across all the websites.

The Solution:

Addact rendered a team of Sitecore certified experts on this large scale project to render Sitecore Consultancy and Implementation services that exceeded their expectations. We delivered them personalised brand module and country-specific website solution. So, to help you better understand the process, we will define how all the three benefits of personalisation namely Scale, Speed and Insights were implemented for the client.



  1. Personalized Digital Experience:

    To cater personalized Digital Experience, the client’s Banner was personalized for regional location within the country. Also, personalized and customized Campaign Page Banner was created based on different Models of automobiles offered by the client. Also, the design Banners were customized and personalized based on the devices from which the user was surfing the website.

  2. Product Personalisation:

    A Design Studio was created for the users of the client where the users can customize the Logo and design of the Products based on their preference. Also, customized Test Drive forms were created for the users so that they can easily book test drives from the website.


All the 70 websites were hosted in Sitecore Instance and all the desired Personalization models were integrated for the Client in the mere time of 9 months! Also, a marketing automation tool was designed for the client with the purpose of automating their Email Marketing Efforts.


With Sitecore Experience Platform implemented on all their 70 websites, the client was able to understand the User Behavior and was also able to identify certain pattern in their Customization which helped them in catering better products to their customers. Also, customized Test Drive forms helped Client in understanding the customer requirements better and also helped them in pushing their product effectively across their target audience.

After the whole project, below are the benefits that client could reap from the Personalisation module with the use of Sitecore Experience Platform:

  • 73% increase in the sales due to cross selling, marketing automation and product personalisation

  • The bounce rate of the website fell from 56% to 12%

  • The loading time was reduced from 6 to 2.5 seconds


Personalisation is not an additional service but an expectation in today’s tough competitive market. Thus, it is essential that not only must E-commerce platforms have personalisation modules introduced, it must help the entrepreneurs in increasing their scale of sales, ability to integrate personalisation modules with speed and gain insights that can help them make informed decisions instead of relying on speculations. Thus, if you too want to marry Personalisation with your E-commerce platform by using Sitecore Experience Platform, let’s setup a call today!

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