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How can you be a Sitecore Developer?

August 5, 2019
How can you be a Sitecore Developer?
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

When I talk to any programming aspirants, students or coder with experience of one or two years. They often ask me questions about Sitecore. Their general questions are –

  • Where can I start?
  • What are the prerequisites?
  • Why learn Sitecore development?
  • How to become pro-Sitecore developer?
  • Where can I get trained?

This article I will try to address all these questions. Hopefully this can help in shaping your career path to become a Sitecore Developer. Please keep in mind that this is not detail training but this can clear all your basic questions to start development in Sitecore.

So, the most important question – What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) platform or more precisely digital experience platform (DXP) that allows corporate/enterprises to connect your business with targeted audiences and radically improve your brand interactions. It is a leading enterprise CMS built on Microsoft ASP.NET framework.

The Sitecore CMS is at the heart of all Sitecore-powered websites. Having taken advantage of the flexibility, scalability and security of the .NET framework. Sitecore has DXP combines content, commerce and personalization so marketers can create seamless, personalized experience. They can track various interactions at defined touch points to provide continuous personalized experience across all the digital marketing channels.


To address questions like – “Where can I start?” or “What are the prerequisites?”

From a developer prospective – there certain prerequisites to start development in Sitecore which depends on what you want to do as a Sitecore developer. Below points I have explained considering you want to start Sitecore Development.

For a Mid Level Software Developer

a Software Developers having experience in ASP.NET MVC

  • Microsoft Visual Studio with ASP.NET Framework
  • MVC Forms with integrations
  • Microsoft SQL Server DB
  • Search APIs like Solr, Covio
  • Perform various integrations using REST API or Web API
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

Now, let me address your most important question which is “Where can I get trained?”. There are lot of resources available like –

Blogs :
YouTube Channels:
Sitecore Community Forums:
Sitecore Stack Exchange:
Sitecore Slack channel:
Sitecore User Groups:
  • Meet your fellow Sitecore developers in person. Find your local user group
Training Portals:

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.

Now, the last and very obvious question “Why learn Sitecore development?”

  • Now a day Sitecore is becoming the most popular amongst all the Content Management systems available
  • Development is fast, easy and very large-scale
  • There is a pool of jobs available on the Sitecore CMS Developer

So, that’s all I tried covering all the basic questions and justify them as much as I can. I know one question is remaining “How to become pro-Sitecore CMS developer?” – that I will in next article.

So, start learning Sitecore and Happy Developing.