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Go-to-market strategies supported by Sitecore OrderCloud

May 12, 2022
Go-to-market strategies supported by Sitecore OrderCloud
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

The world was already going digital along with the eCommerce industry booming each day. Many businesses kept the option of online channels open while also maintaining the traditional and conventional channels as per the desires of their customers. With the onset of pandemic, more and more businesses were forced to go completely digital. This is where Sitecore OrderCloud comes in.

Sitecore Ordercloud is an API-first, headless ecommerce platform builder with powerful features. Its headless integration allows you to streamline the back-end of your eCommerce platform while causing no disturbances to the running of your on-going business.

Why is Sitecore OrderCloud needed?

Businesses who were already partially or fully digital were able to take the hit of the pandemic with minimal damage whereas the businesses who were not, were not able to easily transform digitally. They faced major and multiple challenges while their competitors with digital presence were thriving.

This is why OrderCloud is needed. It allows manufacturers and businesses to add new eCommerce and digital order management experiences for their infinite buyer types. They can also extend their catalogs of products into new channels.

Sitecore’s MACH architecture allows manufacturers to adopt new and complex go-to-market strategies without having to add additional platforms to their stack of technology. MACH architecture which is microservices-based, API first, headless and cloud-native is also very composable in nature. It allows your businesses flexibility and agility. You can develop multiple channel strategies all in one back-end.

Businesses and manufacturers need to have a strong go-to-market strategy in establishing competitive advantage. They need to adapt to the changing market conditions. This is where MACH architecture comes into the picture. Through Sitecore, you can implement some effective and efficient go-to-market strategies with no cost implications of adding new technology to your bucket. First of all, let us understand:

What are go-to-market strategies and why do you need them?

Go-to-market strategies are detailed plans made by an organization on how they can engage with their customers and persuade them to buy their products or services. These strategies include tactics that are related to pricing, sales, different channels and journeys, new products and services being launched in the market, branding and rebranding, or introduction of product/service in the market.

When you are planning to introduce a new product in the market, it is a risky thing to not have a go-to-market strategy. Without a plan in stage, you will be left chasing the wrong audience and might end up targeting a saturated market. In order to avoid these disasters, you have to have a thoughtful and very effective strategy.

What are some go-to-market methodologies?

Two major go-to-market strategies are funnel and flywheel. Funnel refers to the traditional sales method of attracting leads, nurturing the leads and turning them into sales whereas the flywheel refers to approaches such as inbound marketing and building of lasting customer relationships.

The sales funnel is all about awareness, consideration, and also the decision-making of the customers while the flywheel is all about attracting engagements and nurturing the prospects and leads and customers with delightful offers.

When the leads are converted into customers, the flywheel continues the part of delighting those customers as their task is to keep them engaged, hooked and loyal to the business. They provide solid customer experiences, unique after-sales experiences, and personalized offerings and content.

Top 4 go-to-market strategies supported by Sitecore OrderCloud
  1. Direct-to-Customer (D2C) or B2C eCommerce experiences
  2. Order Management Experiences
  3. Multi-brand, multi-site B2B2C eCommerce experiences
  4. Omnimarket Strategy

Direct-to-Customer (D2C) or B2C eCommerce experiences

Creating a D2C or B2C eCommerce experience that is personalized. It allows your infinite buyer types to place orders online with you directly. It gives them freedom as well as making them feel special because of the personalized content and offers being pushed to them.

Order Management Experiences

Give your distributors and your retail partners the freedom to place orders for products online and that too 24x7 x 365 days. The Sitecore OrderCloud support has capabilities that allow you to increase your revenue throughout the year by improving, updating and refining the order management process. Along with that, the customers will also get rich ordering experience.

Multi-brand, multi-site, B2B2C eCommerce experiences

Sitecore OrderCloud allows you to deliver configurable storefronts for your eCommerce business for your retail and distributor channel partners. You can have a B2B, a B2C or a B2B2C supply chain and it can all be managed along with providing them with an exceptional experience.

Omnimarket Strategy

You can expand your product catalog and also extend information to your retail and distributor channel partners from well-known marketplaces. Your pricing strategy can also be changed and modified to increase revenue streams from popular marketplaces such as Amazon.

Manufacturers have quickly learned and grasped the need for digital transformation. They know that a solid eCommerce platform will be of great importance and support all their go-to-market strategies. And every time you decide to go-to-market digitally, you don’t have to build a new platform because Sitecore OrderCloud builds a robust platform for you.