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A Different Approach Towards Digital Experience at Sitecore

August 09, 2022
A Different Approach Towards Digital Experience at Sitecore
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist

Great digital experiences are imperative to a buyer’s journey which is why Sitecore is striving to deliver real-time demos of an empathetic and extraordinary customer experience.

Many organizations try to overdo their digital experience strategies. Due to this, sometimes, the impact is not exactly long-term. There is a list of reasons behind this. Team churn, lack of support from executives, resistance from organization, and so on.

This is why, Sitecore team has defined three must-haves for creating a long-lasting change in the Digital Experience.

Choose the pain points wisely

There are always areas of friction and pain points in the customer experience that you are delivering. You try to find and solve those first. But, in order to create long-lasting changes to Digital Experience, you have to find out the pain points of both your customers and employees.

Why? Because maybe the reason why your customer experience is lacking effectiveness is probably because there are also pain points in the employee experience. Prioritize which points need to be addressed first.

When it came to Sitecore, they made improvements to the Request Demo page, Contact Us page, overall design, UI, and even implemented a new user navigation experience. They also made changes to the information architecture and built new components to help out the marketers.

Focus on data-backed decisions

One of the main things that needs to be done is making all the day to data activities as well as decision making backed by data. Data driven decisions are more impactful and effective compared to impulsive decisions.

You need to have readily available tools such as data dashboards, analytics, etc. for omnichannel data optimization and insights. You can use Sitecore CDP for your marketing activities when it comes to conducting data driven activities and making data backed decisions.

Have powerful decision-making skills

Being decisive is extremely important. People will get confused if you provide them with too many choices. For your digital strategy, you need to provide options that are crisp, accurate and necessary.

For continuous improvement, it is essential that your teams have decision-making power and can come up with firm solutions on what to do and what not to do.

A great digital experience is achieved by delivering customer experiences that are transparent and clear. For the Sitecore website’s digital transformation, back in 2021, a team was created which undertook a lot of projects designed for rejuvenating and refreshing Sitecore.com.

The new ideas were:

  • An expanded navigation
  • Integrating AI
  • Newly developed components
  • Analytics and PowerBI integration
  • Optimized key touchpoints

The team was expanded by hiring strategists, designers, and a full marketing solutions development team for collaboration and fostering alignment of goals.

This is how Sitecore undertook a new, different and completely radical approach towards Digital Experience and digital transformation.

Let us also take a look at the importance of Digital Experience.

Why Digital Experience is important?

Considering that we are in the era of the internet, digital experiences have become of utmost importance. Let us take a look at why it is growing to be one of the most important aspects of focus for any business.

Customers are going Digital

Customers and users are adapting to technological advancements. They are embracing new trends, new gadgets and new tech. For an example, internet and digital world is giving them convenience for shopping, for booking, for communication and almost every other day to day activities.

Even working from home is possible due to digital transformation. There is a steady ride in the market of mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, and online amenities. Online shoppers are also increasing due to the time saving, money saving and the convenience of getting stuff at their doorstep concept.

Consumers don’t have to go through any sales pressure because the salesman, the middle man or any other interact is eliminated and they directly get to have a shopping experience based on their own preference at their leisure.

Digital channels collect customer insights

When you focus on digital transformation, one of the major perks is the fact that you get a detailed outlook on customer data and their behaviors and patterns. The absence of a human being is still a huge benefit for your business.

You get huge sets of data through digital media. Here are a few metrics that you can track:

  • Traffic
  • Page view
  • Unique page views
  • Average time on page
  • Bounce rate

Imbibe personalization

Through digital media, you can imbibe personalization which will in turn increase your customers' loyalty towards your organization. When you integrate digital technology into your business, you get the opportunity to push the content relevant to your customers’ individual preferences.

It delivers extraordinary digital experiences to your customers. Personalization is a huge marketing game changer when it comes to digital experience.

Sitecore is working towards improving and taking a new, customer-centric approach towards its digital experience strategy.