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Cross-functional Sitecore Certified Team

January 8, 2020
Cross-functional Sitecore Certified Team
Keyur Garala
Keyur Garala
Sitecore Certified Architect
Effective Sitecore Development and Implementation

“Future of Development lies in minimalism and full-stack Cross Functional Development”– Ketan Garala (Sitecore MVP at Addact Technologies)

The Uprising of Minimalism:

New Years comes with the promise to be “Bigger and Grander”! But all things considered, the Technology Domain is reversing the trend and is flourishing with its minimal approach. Instead of going for bigger companies with grand number of resources at disposal, clients are looking for small Cross-Functional Teams of Full-stack Developers who can dedicatedly work for a project in a multi-vendor environment.

The reason why this trend has emerged is because Development of a Technology Product is no longer a one-time project. Instead, the Technology Solutions are steering towards a constant innovation drive and are approaching for constant software updates and maintenances in order to stay relevant in the ever-evolving technology consumer market.

Need of a Cross-functional Team:

Thus with such a self-evolving trend in the market, Techpreneurs are opting for a development model where instead of creating dependency on one Technology Solutions provider who deploys large number of developers and creates complex hierarchies for Development projects, enterprises are looking for multiple vendors who can deploy dedicated cross-functional teams of full-stack developers and create a network where each vendor is working on development, deployment and maintenance of a module.

Need of a Cross-functional Team in Sitecore Development and Sitecore Implementation:

Although, Sitecore is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in the world which caters ready-to-use ecommerce solutions with fast on-boarding and instant access, you still need a Cross-functional team of skilled developers who can help in Sitecore Development and Sitecore Implementation. This is essential so that enterprises can get a customised and personalised solution that aligns with the expectations of their Target Audience and also ensure that the solution aligns with their Business Interests.

The best part is, unlike other platforms and technologies where a Client is challenged to choose a vendor based on the information that their skilled marketing team has put out in the market for customers to consume, Sitecore actually eases the process for their customers as they have provided certifications and awarded skilled developers with recognitions like Sitecore Certified Developers and Sitecore MVPs to help their clients choose the right vendor for their Project.

Thus, the only question that remains for a client is what can be an ideal cross-functional team for Sitecore Implementation and what roles that they must play? Being an expert Sitecore Development and Sitecore Implementation Company with a team of 20 Sitecore Certified Developers lead by one of the three Sitecore MVPs of the Sitecore Community, Addact Technologies is penning down for its clients an ideal Cross-functional team for effective Sitecore Development and Implementation.

Ideal Cross-Functional Team with Role Definition for Sitecore Development and Sitecore Implementation:
  • User Experience and Information Flow Architect with Business Analytical Skills:

    At the top of the chain after the client, the first person that a Cross-functional team must have is a UX designer who defines user persona and Information Flow for the Enterprise. This will help the developers and clients in envisioning how their commerce platform will appeal to their audience.

    Best suitable resource for the role: Sitecore MVP or a Senior Sitecore Certified Developer

    Required Skills: UX designing, technical expertise, domain exposure

  • Project Manager with exceptional people’s skill:

    The second in the hierarchy must be a Project Manager who not only helms the development or implementation of the project, but also communicates and aligns the development with other vendors and teams. They are the glue that keeps the project intact and they are also the bridge that ensures transparency of project in between the Developers and the Client.

    Best suitable resource for the role: Sitecore MVP or a Senior Sitecore Certified Developer

    Required Skills: Leadership, Resource Management, Technical expertise, domain exposure

  • Development Team:

    The third in the chain is the Development Team that executes the vision of the Client and delivers a tailored Sitecore Solution to the client. According to our experience, Sitecore Implementation and Development requires at least one senior Sitecore Certified Developer that has an entrepreneurial mindset along with 5+ years of experience and a Jr. Sitecore Developer with exceptional Interpretational and Technical Skills.

    Best suitable resource for the role: Senior Developer- Sitecore Certified Developer

    Required Skills: Entrepreneurial Mindset, Interpretational Skills, Technical expertise, Domain Exposure.

  • QA Resource with essential Domain Understanding:

    No matter how amazing an idea is, if the execution is faulty, then it will not get the desired traction. Thus, it is essential that every Sitecore Cross-functional team consists of a Tester who can not only ensure that the Software has no code errors but also ensures that the software has no logical and business errors.

    Best suitable resource for the role: Senior QA Resource

    Required Skills: Entrepreneurial Mindset, QA Skills, Technical Understanding, Domain Exposure

  • Project Delivery Manager with exceptional Interpretational and Communication Skills:

    In order to help the client in smooth on-boarding and complete understanding of the project, a cross-functional Sitecore Team must consist of a resource that handles the Project Delivery. They will not only provide sufficient documents, but also help client in smooth on-boarding on the platform.

    Best suitable resource for the role:Sitecore Certified Developer

    Required Skills: Communication Skills, Technical Understanding, Product Understanding, Domain Exposure

Thus, if you too require a Cross-Functional Team of Sitecore Development with exceptional skills and exemplary Domain Exposure contact Addact Technologies today and employ the power of Minimalism.

Let us have coffee together and discuss your requirement for Sitecore. Mail us at info@addact.net.