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Advantages of Sitecore integrated platforms

May 14, 2021
Advantages of Sitecore integrated platforms
Maulik Dudharejia
Maulik Dudharejia
Digital Transformation Strategist
Reasons to know the popularity of integrated platforms

At present, integrated Digital Marketing is a popular name. It denotes the integration of various marketing strategies. This integrated platform helps to maintain consistency in the online business. Sitecore is a reliable name in offering the best integrated platform for digital marketing. Here it is necessary to know the reasons behind the popularity of the integrated platform.

Top marketers’ preference

Here we can consider the valuable study of the CDP Institute. It has been noticed that almost 66% percent of the marketers agree to the necessity of seamless integration in the internal system. 53% of marketers are in favor of the application of an integration system for a third-party application.

Every marketer or IT professional who is working in the marketing field understands the requirement of an Integrated Platform from Email automation to CMS. You may have noticed that data collection, market analysis, sales and customer success software, depend on a blend of various solutions. These also run on different models like private or public cloud models and hybrid models.

It is necessary to maintain the record of necessary marketing information to understand the customer’s sales journey. However, marketers understand that there is a large gap between the ideal setup and actuality.

The integrated solution is new to many marketers, and an integrated stack is necessary. Sitecore has developed integrated foundations like IPaas, CDP, and DXP to help marketers get the best integrated solution.

Best solutions for integrating the stack in digital marketing

Sitecore has developed several solutions that help to support integrating stack. These solutions are IPaaS, CDP, and DXP. Let’s take note of every solution.

IPaaS:- IPaas or Integrated Platform as a service is one of the most effective solutions to martech stack. Whenever a digital marketer wants to integrate the martech stack, it is necessary to get familiar with IPaaS. IPaaS is a cloud-deployed platform, and it is subscription-based. This solution makes a connection between the data received from dissimilar systems, which can be either internal or external platforms.


A strong IPaaS solution performs the following functionalities

  • It helps in streamlining the complex data integration flow. It helps in improving efficiencies and managing resources. You will notice that using IPaaS will actually reduce the cost.
  • IPaaS helps enterprises to exchange data and crucial business information.
  • IPaas solution makes it easy to build protocol and format such as converting XML to JSON format.
  • It comes with well-defined integration points that are able to run as soon as it gets connected to a new connector.

CDP:- CDP is also known as Customer Data Platform, which is another effective solution during the integration journey. Many ask about the differences between CDP and IPaaS. CDP enables the digital marketer to integrate the entire data relating to their customer whereas IPaaS, is the one-stop destination to avail all data.


CDP enables the marketer to have a better understanding of the customer. You may have noticed that many organizations use CDP as IPaaS. Again it has been noticed that many IPaaS tools have been changed into CDP. Hence, it can be said that both of them can solve data problems by offering resolving, cleansing, deduplicating and summing up the data. However, the specific solution depends on the exclusive goal of the organization. Hence, before using a marketing technology solution, you need to pay attention at

  • Determination of organization’s goal.
  • Explore the exact solution
  • Mention the use case

DXP: Digital Experience Platform or DXP facilitates external communication. Both the solutions, DXP and IPaaS, help in making the business operations streamlined and consolidating technologies. The difference between the IPaas and DXP is that DXP helps external communication, whereas the latter facilitates internal integrations. A digital marketer can obtain the following benefits from DXP.

  • DXP enables the organization to deliver its brands to various touch points across the web
  • DXP has got the necessary integration that helps in brand marketing and customer support. This helps in better controlling the brand and the best way to interact with the customer.
  • DXP seems to be an intelligent architecture. DXP is extremely flexible, agile and it is also known as microservice architecture. It helps to structure applications that are highly maintainable, testable, inaccurately coupled and organized around the business capabilities.
How do a digital marketer approach integration?

Once you have set up your business goals and have already designed a profound strategy to reach the goal, you need to determine the systems to be integrated. You need to decide on the exact system among CRM, ESP, CMS and marketing and email automation. Now all you need to consider what you have at present and how you can make them put to use. Suppose you have already implemented an API-driven CMS similar to Sitecore Experience Manager or XM, which is already developed with open APIs which is directly connected to huge numbers of systems. Well, here also, you need to employ someone who can do the work of connecting those APIs.

During this pandemic, organizations need to determine the exact platform that can become the foundation. The marketing team will require the integrated and vigorous DXP as it includes a complementary solution. It offers an architecture that assists a company in its digital operation. It delivers related customer experience and collects necessary customer insight.

Apply exact DXP for integrating the martech stack in the company

To establish a solid foundation, the DXP of an organization needs to be built on an API-first architecture. The DXP should be interoperable and extensible. Here Sitecore has made the system optimized so that these can get optimized. A professional must understand the better way to clutch the necessity for DXP in martech stack integration.

Sitecore has enabled the DXP solution on the .NET programming language. Here the professionals use xDP or Sitecore Experience Database, Single API framework, data management platform and Sitecore xConnect.