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Accelerate Growth and Increase Profitability Mileage of your Automobile Reseller Business with Sitecore (For UK Markets)

March 23, 2020
Accelerate Growth and Increase Profitability Mileage of your Automobile Reseller Business with Sitecore (For UK Markets)
Ketan Garala
Ketan Garala
CTO, Sitecore MVP

The Fact Sheet:

Recently a research firm shared figures and analysed that the Automobile Re seller market of UK is huge. They revealed that an average of 7.5 to 8 Million used cars has been sold every year in the UK from 2014 to 2020. It was also found that a household reference person aged under 30 spends an average of 12 British pounds a week on second hand car and van purchases.

The Bigger Picture:

Now that the world is progressing towards an era where millennial has the highest purchasing power and that the Gen Z will likely enter the market this year and that they will have the highest purchasing power by the year of 2026, the Automobile Reseller market of UK is undertaking all the necessary changes required to acquire the young and dynamic new audience of the market.

So, if you consider the above mentioned facts and statistics; it is clear that the Automobile reseller market is huge in UK and that the millennial and the Gen Z have the maximum influence on the market. Considering these facts, it is safe to say that all the contemporaries of Automobile Reseller market must formulate Business Strategies that aligns with their current and future audience.

  • Gen Z and factors influencing consumer behaviour: To gather a brief about Millennial and Gen Z, they both are a generation that is closely associated to the Internet and that they both are obsessed with Digital Platforms, Smartphones and Instant Gratification. A typical Gen Z customer will be highly dependent upon the Search Engines and other Social Media Platforms before making any purchase decision and thus, it is essential that any businesses who wish to target these audiences must have a strong digital platform and omnichannel marketing strategy.Apart from that, one other factor that plays a vital role in the decision making of the Gen Z is personalised customer experiences. So to put it in a nutshell, for an effective and successful marketing and product positioning, an Automobile Reseller will have not only need a strong digital presence with multichannel content marketing strategy, they will need to introduce Personalisation at each stage of the Customer Experience!

Sitecore- The Gateway towards Marketing Automation and Personalisation

So, for an Automobile Reseller to succeed in the UK, they will need an intimidating Digital Platform that allows multichannel content publishing, that has strong marketing and automation modules and a platform that can serve personalised customer experiences to their customers. And a platform that has all these features and beyond, is Sitecore’s prodigy offering- Sitecore Commerce!

But instead of stating the theoretical advantages of adopting Sitecore Commerce as a customised Digital Platform for your Automobile Reseller business, we are presenting a Success Story on how our Sitecore Implementation services helped an Automobile Giant from UK helped increase their sales and their overall profitability


The Success Saga of Sitecore Commerce (Sitecore CX) Implementation for an Automobile Giant of UK:

Addact Technologies is a renowned Sitecore Partner that delivers all comprehensive Sitecore services to enterprises and helps them to make the optimum utilisation of all Sitecore Products! To help you understand how Sitecore Commerce empowered an Automobile reseller giant of UK in increasing their Lead Conversion Ratio and how our Marketing Automation modules reduced the Abandoned Shopping cart rate to get a significant boost in their bottom line, read the case presented below:

Customer Information:

Client was one of the renowned Automobile Reseller with business setup in all across UK and Europe.

Business Scenario:

The Client contacted Addact with an agenda to improve the User Experience of their digital platform by integrating Personalisation in their Product offerings and they also wanted to resolve their low Lead Conversion rate along with their shopping cart abandonment issue.

Addact’s Sitecore XC Solution:

For our client, we delivered the Sitecore XC implementation service in which we consulted the client first with which modules they must introduce and then we developed and implemented the same for all their platforms.

Sitecore Shopping Cart Service Layer for Marketing Automation and to reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate:

We implemented various Marketing Automation modules and refined the user flow with Shopping Cart service layers to enable clients to recall their customers on the platform and encourage them to make final purchase. We also introduced multi-lingual content distribution and multichannel content publishing for better visibility and reach.

Marketing Automation and Shopping Cart refinement was done flawlessly on the client’s website and by doing so, client got a boost in site visits by 78%, sales turnover on online platform increased by 36% and website bounce rate was reduced to just 28%! The platform also have boost to the Search Engine ranks of the website and helped Client have an overall increase in revenue by 21%!

Apart from Sitecore Commerce implementation, Addact also provides various Sitecore services to their clients such as Commerce third-party integration, Commerce DevOps, Commerce Upgrade and Commerce strategy. If you too are trying to evolve your Automobile business by leveraging ideal Sitecore Practices, collaborate with Addact Technologies and get access to rate Sitecore Certified Developers and Sitecore MVP to get a personalised Sitecore Solution that is well planned, brilliantly strategized, and flawlessly developed and deployed.

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