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Sitecore Discover Implementation through SDK

Past Webinar
Sitecore Discover Implementation through SDK

Get a deeper understanding of Sitecore Discover through a live demo and understand how the tool works and can be implemented through SDK.

13th September 2023
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Sitecore Discover Implementation through SDK Webinar - Addact Technologies
Ketan Garala
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head, Addact
Juanita Xavier
Juanita Xavier
Project Manager, Addact
What To Expect

Through this webinar, you will get a deeper understanding of this AI-powered tool Sitecore Discover. We will be covering some major points on the technical side with special focus on how to implement Sitecore Discover through SDKs. You will be getting a live demo to see the practical aspect and understand how this tool works.

Key Points Covered
  • Sitecore Discover Introduction

  • Discover Implementation Architecture

  • Discover Implementation Options

  • Sitecore Discover JSS SDK

  • Events

  • Components

  • CLI

About the Speaker
Mitesh Patel
Technical Head, Addact

Mitesh is a Sitecore Solutions Architect and Technical Head with over 10+ years of experience in Sitecore. He has worked with major clients from different industries and has a vast knowledge of all Sitecore products. Being a Technical Head, he also leads a team of over 25+ skilled professionals and contributes significantly in the Sitecore community.