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Pre Sales

Being a leading Sitecore development company, we are glad to inform you that we work together with multiple digital marketing agencies as a Technology partner.


Addact specialists hold concurrent facts in Sitecore and rigorously work on that.


We first understand the client's basic requirements, and then we start work.

Key Benefits & Lead Generation


Technology partnership usually occurs to assist companies in implementing and optimizing their technical system. This partnership usually takes place between the technology vendor who deals with system development and the agencies. And the company that uses these systems in daily operation. With this partnership, practically, through our track record we can says that we achieved 100% conversion of the leads.


We are glad to work with renowned digital marketing agencies and welcome them to meet our Sitecore experts.

At this phase, we will share our profile and confidential legal documents with the team of digital marketing agencies.

Now, Addact experts will look at the Sitecore project and discuss with the team to meet digital agencies’ expectations. This discussion helps our team to work better on the project.


Once the discussion gets completed with Digital Marketing Companies, we like to sit with customers along with the team of digital agencies. Professionals primarily focus on the following crucial areas:

  • Evaluate the various aspects of the Sitecore project.
  • Experts focus on the POC work and measure the possibility of converting the Sitecore project into reality.
  • We prepare of BRD framework that outlines the goals and expectations of the project.
  • Evaluate the timeline for a productive conclusion of the project.
  • Comprehending the demands of customers and make them understand the technical areas.
  • Addact professionals always work with the digital team in resolving the infrastructure requirement.
  • Professionals pay attention to acquire, renew and elevating Sitecore licenses.
  • Technical team believes in maintaining the processing cycle transparent together with instantaneous planning of resources.


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Unite with Digital Agency

We aim to grow with digital agencies assisting them in real-time Sitecore projects as a technology partner. Our professional Sitecore team ensures making a huge difference after joining with the digital marketing companies.

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B2B Technology Partner

Being a leading Sitecore development company, we are happy to work together with digital agencies as a technology partner. Our professionals possess real-time knowledge in Sitecore and exclusively work on that.

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