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Case Studies

Sitecore Upgrade Version 9 to 10.2 with Headless JSS
Sitecore Upgradation
Download Sitecore Upgrade Version 9 to 10.2 with Headless JSS Case Study

Our client is an Indian, multinational conglomerate with businesses around the world in multiple industries and domains such as energy, realty, financial services, transportation, logistics, etc. Our project for them was for their realty business.

Gist of the Case Study

The client was looking for Sitecore upgradation for their realty businesses to integrate and manage multiple systems and provide a smooth and seamless digital experience to their customers.

Client Requirements
  • Headless architecture
  • Consistent data management
  • Smooth integration of their systems
  • Seamless digital experience
Solution Highlights
  • Complete solution using the Sitecore Experience Platform
  • Complete deployment of Sitecore Version 10.2 with headless JSS
  • Enhanced performance with improved security and flexibility
  • Integrations with Azure and Salesforce
You can read the complete case study in detail by downloading a copy.